Is Netflix Committing Movie Theater Genocide?

Or is this a happy love-hate relationship? YOU BE THE JUDGE!

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Recently the movie theater annual convention launched in Las Vegas with surprising pizzazz, but not without the first initial questions in dialogue and discussion revolving around one simple little word: Netflix. The supposed bane of the movie theater business.

But Why? Why Has Netflix Been Labeled Such a Bad Guy? And Are Movie Theaters Really Starting to Die Away?


Surprisingly, this is an interesting conversation. You'd expect the online streaming technology craze to wipe out movie theaters like dinosaurs, but that's not necessarily the case. There is a certain demographic there for movie theaters that emphasizes culture and value in a way Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime cannot.

This is why Netflix has been releasing their own original movies in theaters for limited occasions, but not without also allowing Netflix subscribers the ability to watch those movies in the comfort of their own home on the XBOX or PS4. That, however, has seemed to ruffle many a feather of a movie theater mogul, thinking that undercuts the profit of hardworking ushers and concession stand workers of an American pastime.

In a Way, They're Right: Netflix Is "Disrupting" the Movie Theater Business a Bit

Keep in mind, though: not everyone can have a Netflix account. This begs the question about Internet availability with satellite as well as other issues. Likewise, we can't exactly have a theater in every corner of every street, especially out in the sticks. Yet we can commute, and at least we have that to work with.

The fact is it seems more and more like Netflix somehow fits into the movie theater model -- with some pushing and shoving. Data has shown that the biggest online streamers happen to visit the theaters more. When you think about it, it makes sense. When the biggest blockbusters launch, they launch in those auditoriums first. Streamers undoubtedly come second.

However when Netflix releases their own game-changing and groundbreaking original features not only in theaters, but online, you begin to wonder.... Is that fair? It depends on your point of view, plus why and how you experience movies. Do you like just sitting at home to watch a blockbuster? Or do you want the grand experience of it?

Movie Theaters Still, to This Day, Have a Lot Going for Them


Think IMAX. D-BOX. 3D. I honestly don't care that you can generally experience 3D in-house with the kind of technology we have nowadays, because nothing beats seeing it on the big silver screen. That's where the value comes in.

You don't experience such value with online streaming. Streaming is its own animal, its own market share. It's a channel, an option, with a target market specific to a certain culture and demographic. After all, one cannot simply sit at home forever. As social animals, we do have to get out a bit and experience life, and for countless years the movie theater has been one of many central hubs where people get to sit, eat, laugh, cry and even make out in chairs, in the dark, while watching Casablanca.

Yes, I get it: we have "Netflix and chill." But it's not the same.

So I Ask Again: Do You Think Netflix Is the Meteor That'll Kill the Dinosaurs?

Or are we all just over-exaggerating? CHIME IN WITH YOUR OWN VIGYAA ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW and write up your own opinion with your own thoughts! Go ahead. And be sure to CHECK OUT THE DATA DRIVEN INVESTOR FOR MORE INSIGHTS INTO TECHNOLOGY!

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