Instapage review | 2019 Update on Price and Features

Instapage is the best thing in the post click, and it maximizes conversions for advertisers and marketers.

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What are the things that come with it?

• Templates – A total of 194 nice looking pre-made templates is provided with the service. Other than this, with new updates, a new template is also added.

• Blank – A blank page template is also provided as one might need to start from scratch, making it easier for beginners.

• Drag and Drop editor – A drag and drop editor is provided. With this one can easily customize the pages and create any new design according to their needs.

• Email integration – A simple integration is also provided along with many of the popular email service providers such as Mailchimp, Convertkit.

• Free hosting – Free hosting of the web pages on Instapage servers or one can also embed them on WordPress blog or Facebook.

• Mobile integration – It involves the mobile responsive web pages that look good both on one's mobile phones and as well as on their desktops.

Creating a landing page has become a tedious job for many these days to have leads or if someone has something to promote like a product or service or webinar.

Features of Instapage.

• Drag and Drop Page Builder – In WordPress, it is grid-based, so it is impossible to do anything, anywhere. In this one can freely drag and drop each element exactly where one wants it.

• Widgets – Widgets have the added advantage of adding CTA buttons, countdown timers and much more.

• Customizable Templates – These helps a lot for the beginners, as they do not have to start from scratch and they can take help from the already provided templates.

• Thirty-three million BigStock images – It is straightforward to insert professional stock images, provided all the photos are purchased separately.

• Form builder and Asset delivery – All type of forms can be easily created, including multi-step forms. Connecting to a massive number of integrations is done in a matter of second. It can also handle automatically delivering assets like lead magnets.

• Helpful analytics – Analytics such as Heatmaps, A/B testing, Google Tag Manager, and many more are also provided.

• Collaboration Tools – This brands itself as a platform for marketing teams and agencies, which in turn results in many helpful tools for collaboration.

• Instablocks – One can save specific landing page sections for reusing it across designs and even choose from Instapage's pre-built parts.

• AMP support – Design Google AMP landing pages use the same drag and drop interface for all its uses.

• Detailed attribution data – Apart from analytics, Instapage can connect to Google AdWords and other services to integrate attribution data such as AdWords campaigns or price data.

Apart from all the features that have been mentioned above, there are still many features that cannot be listed, those that are not listed shall be known to the user only after using it. These are just the highlights.

Why choose Instapage over WordPress page builder?

Choosing Instapage over WordPress page builder sounds like picking something inferior, but no, in reality, Instapage has something more to offer than WordPress does.

• It's 100% dedicated to landing pages. WordPress page builders have some landing page templates but it not their sole focus, but with Instapage, it has over 200 customizable templates, and all the widgets aim at landing pages.

• Instapage's primary focus remains on analytics and optimization. Analytics such as A/B testing, heatmaps analytics and lot more. WordPress page builder does not offer any of these.

• All the landing pages for multiple websites can be viewed from one Instapage account, which is helpful if one runs many sites.

• Instapage can handle both the landing pages and digital assets such as lead magnets if someone wants to deliver. With WordPress, it's not that easy doing so.

• Offline availability of the landing pages makes it advantageous over WordPress. It is done by just downloading the landing pages to the computer.

• It has a variety of font selection, including Google and Typekit fonts.

• It also supports dynamic text insertion for more targeted messaging.

• It also provides a 14day free trial version for trying out the features, without the need of a credit card.

In terms of money, all the feature-packed Instapage provides a trial version of 14 days after that is chargeable as 4900 INR per month. This package does not include A/B testing and heatmaps. If both of these are incorporated, it will cost around 7000 INR per month. For a high powered blogger, it is worth the money as it is required to run different promotions at the same time or to run a business or marketing team.

What are the limitations?

• It misses some of the direct integrations with Drip, Mailerlite, and ONTRAPORT.

• There is a limitation of only one font for the headlines and pages.

• It is strictly limited to 200,000 visitors and not over than 50 published landing pages.

• It is not easy as it sounds, to sell products on the landing pages.


To sum it up, Instapage is a powerful tool and is a clear cut above the WordPress page builders. Aside from being overpowering, the ability to put anything anywhere makes it very easy for the beginners to begin with. The A/B testing and conversion goals were built right into the builder so feel like they are part of the design process and not as an afterthought. The publishing options make it easier for the landing pages to be published and created, no matter the type of website. It is not the cheaper ones, but when seen from the pricing point of view, it is definitely worth the money. Signup for a free trial ->

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