Impact of Cinema in 2019 Elections

The elections are over and Mr Narendra Modi won with a bumper majority at the central and Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy won with a landslide victory in Andhra Pradesh. Though there are many reasons for their Great Triumph in their desired states. Films also played a pivotal role in these elections.

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The elections are over and Mr Narendra Modi won with a bumper majority at the central and Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy won with a landslide victory in Andhra Pradesh. Though there are many reasons for their Great Triumph in their desired states. Films also played a pivotal role in these elections. Today we are going to discuss how movies impact consumer behaviour and altered the mindset of the common man.

The release of Accidental Prime Minister in 2014 & 2019:




The Accidental Prime Minister is a biographical drama picture. The plot lines explain how Mr ManMohan Singh is made a puppet in the hands of Sonia Gandhi. We all remember the contribution of Man Mohan Singh as a Finance minister in 1991 at the time of Liberalisation of India and how efficient he is with our P.V. Narasimha Rao who carried many reforms for modern India. This movie is first released as a book in 2014 and later the makers released it on Jan 11th 2019. The irony is, The BJP official Twitter account has promoted this film publicly. This movie gave a glimpse of how India would fall back under the rule of Congress and the need for a strong leader and elevating BJP subconsciously in our mindset.

URI- The Surgical Strikes:




Another movie that got released on the same day Jan 11th, 2019 and won over 200 crores in Box Office is URI- The Surgical Strike. URI is the first Surgical Strike carried out by India in the last 5000 years. Indians never invaded or attacked any country. 4 Pakistani terrorists carried out the deadliest attack on an Indian military base in URI killing 17 Indian army personnel and injuring more than 20 militants on 18th September 2016. This attack is the base for the first surgical strike against Pakistani terrorists and the whole operation is led by our PM Narendra Modi. The makers of the film made sure that along with the lead hero Vicky Kaushal, The army chief role and PM role is highlighted equally and after watching the movie, even my family felt that India needs Dynamic leaders like Narendra Modi to face military issues in coming years. Such is the impact of a film on the mindsets of the common man.

The Ghazi & Raazi Effect



The Ghazi Attack is a movie made in the background of India- Pakistan 1971 war. Before the actual war, Pakistan tried to take down our Prestigious submarine INS Vikrant in Visakhapatnam. The Story revolves around the executive Indian Naval officer and his team who were in the INS Vikrant submarine for 18 long days when PNS GHAZI tried attacking us. The battle went long and finally, PNS Ghazi sank at the coast of Visakhapatnam in 1971.


This Victory at sea memorial is built in the beach road as a tribute to the great victory of Naval officers in the war.

RAAZI Unofficial Prequel of The Ghazi Attack:

Raazi is an Indian Spy Thriller movie starring Alia Bhat and Vicky Kaushal, The story revolves around pre-1971 war incidents where an Indian RAW agent daughter is married into Pakistan family of Military officials to extract information and pass it to India. She discovers about the Ghazi Attack and other war secrets and she relayed it India before the attack.

These movies have a strong impact on the governance of India and how well we fought the wars against our threatening countries. They also have a silent message that Indian leaders will not wimp out in case of emergencies.

Impact of Tollywood

This year, Tollywood has seen the highest number of Political Biopics and Dramas. In fact, Political parties have kept a separate budget for producing films that will improve the party or Party leaders Charisma in Public.



The first in the list is the biopic of our Mighty leader Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao alias NTR. He played as Hindu Deities such as Krishna, Rama and various unique roles such as Ravana, Duryodhana. He started a party called Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and won the elections and served as a Cheif Minister for Andhra Pradesh from 1983 to 1995. He is well known as the God of Masses for Telugu audience. His movie is made as a Biopic in 2 parts, Kathanayakudu which portrays his work as an Actor from 1949 to 1982. The second part is Mahanayakudu, which showcased his political triumph victories and journey. His son Nandamuri Balakrishna acted in his role for both the parts. Unfortunately, both movies turned out to be a colossal disaster disappointing not just its makers but also their audience.

Laxmi's NTR: Root cause for the defeat of TDP



Controversial pathBreaking Director RGV has decided to make a film on NTR. Rather than focusing on the Acting part or political part of his life. He chooses to tell the story from his second wife perspective Laxmi. He travelled with Laxmi closely to dig deep into the story and in the whole film, He Targetted Chandra Babu Naidu, who is the son of law of NTR and he served as a CM of Andhra Pradesh for 10 years. While his party is in a ruling position, RGV released the teasers and trailers of the movie to target TDP party. Though the movie was not released in Andhra Pradesh due to the electoral code of conduct. People watched it on the internet and learned the story from other sources. RGV openly accepted that YSRCP has given him money for making this movie to target TDP party.

Yatra - Successful journey of YS Rajasekhar Reddy:



Yatra is the Biographical picture of Late YS Rajasekhar Reddy, Mr Mammohthy has played his role and the film revolves around the Pada Yatra that Rajasekhar Reddy has done before winning the elections in 2004. This movie has a great reminisce of his successful journey in Politics and how he has reached masses. This movie has a great influence on the political journey of Jagan Mohan Reddy especially at the final stage where TDP has lost its respect on the leader Mr Chandrababu Naidu and this movie elevated the rise of Raja Sekhar Reddy. It boosted the promotions for YSRCP party head Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy.



PM Narendra Modi, Its a political Biopic on our beloved Prime minister Narendra Modi, This movie deals with the journey of Narendra Modi from being the CM of Gujarat to PM of India. His wisdom, courage, thoughtfulness and decisiveness is well portrayed by Vivek Oberoi. Though the film is released after the results May 24th, The film posters have made a great response in social media and Narendra Modi name has gone through places along with regular party promotions.

There are a lot of studies on how movies can manipulate the human brain, There are Neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists whose research showed that Movies take over the brain responses of the viewers. It can successfully a positive or negative image of a person whom we never met or know in our life. This season, the political movies had great influence over our brains and it reflected in our elections as well.

Have you seen any relevance of films and their impact on Politics? If so, share your views in the comments below.


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