Huawei in the Midst of Controversy Brings You a Science Fiction Smartphone

And rest assured: it's pretty cool. Read on to find out.

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Here we were thinking the smartphone was exiting the playing field with everyone talking about Apple's endeavors and dipping iPhone sales, but surprisingly there's still some gas left in this digital device tank. And believe it or not -- Huawei is bringing it with a vengeance:

It's Called the Mate X From Huawei, and It's a "Foldable" Smartphone


We know what you're thinking -- that's nothing "new" per se as we've heard plenty on the whole flexible smartphone screen deal. But keep reading: this is pretty phenomenal stuff.

What separates the Mate X from the rest of the pack is a defining new category: not only is this screen "flexible," but it's adaptable -- as this may be the very first smartphone that can, in fact, turn into a real TABLET. You heard correctly.

At this point in time, tablets are still very much en vogue. They're easy. They combine the flexibility and functionality of the smartphone with the sturdiness and dependability of the desktop computer, so it makes sense many still use them to this day. We're now going one step further and bridging the gap between the tablet and the smartphone.

Thanks to a stretchable hinge, this simple 6.6-inch smartphone can actually open up (like a book) and actually become an 8-inch tablet with ease. Simply put, you have a phone and tablet in one, literally. Thanks to a screen leveraging the power of OLED instead of LED, you have pixels that are powered by its own illumination and not a backlight.

Surprisingly, Though, Huawei Is Not the First Manufacturer to Come Out With This Innovative Product

Samsung has their own, released not too long ago as well, with the same feature and innovation, albeit a bit smaller. However, Huawei may have a slight advantage -- as this may be the first phone (tablet) of its kind to feature the upcoming power of 5G internet connectivity. That and a split-screen mode for simultaneous email writing and video watching , fingerprint recognition, and a multi-lens Leica camera system. You're going to see this beast in the summer of 2019.... But if you want it, better have $2.6K to spend. Won't come cheap. START YOUR OWN VIGYAA ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW AND LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!

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