How will my 5G phone look like?

There are already AR and VR handsets but the 5G phones will make them mainstream.

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If you have been visualizing a small, sleek, sexy handset as your 5G phone, forget about beauty. Your 5G phone might look ugly.

It's sad to note but the powerful features you are about to learn about are the reason your 5G phone won’t look as cute as you expect.

The almighty 5G mobile phone has a lot to bring to the table as compared to the current visually stunning phones.

Let’s look at what exactly a 5G phone will look like.

What is on ground?

Samsung & Sony 5G phone

Sony and Samsung are battling to be the first to release the first 5G smartphone.

Sony already has a Sony Xperia ZX3 undergoing its final touches. It is rumored that this will be Sony's first 5G. One of the features to look out for on the Sony Xperia are its next-generation camera with a selfie AI.

Sony recently bragged on their blog that they are always the first to release awesome devices and we agree.

Samsung simply announced that they are working on a phone but we don’t yet know what the phone will look like.

Apple 5G phone

Apple applied to the US federal communications commission in May to acquire permission to carry out 5G tests in its California facilities.

Permission was granted and now the high-end smart phone producer is focusing on wave spectrum in the 39GHz and 28GHz bands.

The features

3D video calls

3D videos are one of the features to expect. Making video phone calls will feel so real as if you are talking in the same room with the caller.

Argumented & Virtual reality

There are already AR and VR handsets but the 5G phones will make them mainstream.

With AR handsets, you will be able to see your friend that is lost among the crowd. Instead of window shopping, you could use your phone to see products across the street on a store shelf. You will also see how a cloth looks on you plus many other amazing things you will be able to do.

Because of augmented reality, we will see screens with a higher resolution to contain and display the augmented reality. We could see phone screens with resolutions of 4K or even 8K.

Powerful processors

The 5G phones will need powerful processors probably half the size of a computer.

We might see handsets with 16GB of RAM.

Powerful phone batteries

To power all the activity that will go down on 5G phones, handsets will need powerful batteries. That is something to expect on the new phones. The batteries might not be almighty but there will be a slight increase in power output on the new batteries.

What you need to do to prepare for a 5G phone

It’s time to sell my old Samsung S7 edge and so should you. If you are looking at acquiring the first 5G handsets in early 2019 which is just 4 months away, you should prepare to upgrade your phone. If you are not already on an upgrade program, you might consider directly selling your old phone to phone recycling companies like Rapid phone buyer who give you cash the same day so you can replace your old phone with the new 5G mobile phone.


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