How To Stay Happy In A Relationship

You are falling for someone for the first time and you imagine everything like a movie.

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You are falling for someone for the first time and you imagine everything like a movie. Of course, the first love is important we create many memories but expecting things like movies. You want your relationship to be romantic and passionate. Accordingly, it won’t go up to your expectations. Many of you might have to understand that relationships are not meant to be perfect. The relationship is something that makes you feel better about yourself. The relationship should never weigh you down or make you feel miserable. Well! If you find yourself in a relationship that makes you unhappy and tired, then you’re better off being alone.

Why do we settle in an unhappy relationship?

We settle in an unhappy relationship because we fear being experiencing the rest of our lives alone. Once we are in a relationship it makes us scared of being alone. We constantly crave for social, physical, and sexual intimacy. The thought of being alone makes us feel terrible. Many relationships painfully drag themselves well past their expiration date.

The hope of finding the perfect one: Living in a bad relationship doesn’t mean banished into a loveless world of unhappiness. Perhaps, you’ve just not found your perfect one because you might be looking at the wrong places. One of the reason can be you both might have never taken your relationship seriously that make the situation worse. You both haven’t tried to understand each other better.

You’re unhappy in a relationship because you have chosen to be unhappy. It is just because you wipe your tears secretly and brush your misery under the carpet. Many of you react like everything is ended just because your relationship is ending. You have to understand that you’re not the failure just because your relationship is ending. It is just because you’re not compatible with each other.

Have you ever thought of taking a break from the relationship?

To put it simply, couples usually take a break from each other in a relationship when they need space from each other. A break is always a good thing as long as you both take it in the right manner. Taking some time apart from each other. If you both are in a relationship and yet both of you face some difficulty, a break might be a solution for your relationship.

Reason to take a relationship

You need time to re-think the things: If you both are dealing with a relationship crisis currently that can only be sorted through a conversation. If you need time to re-evaluate the relationship then take a step ahead towards a break. It may give you time to think about the worst situation that you both have faced. Therefore, you can find out the solution for that.

Claustrophobic: If you both are feeling frustrated with each other all the time then this is a sign that you both need a break from each other. If you feel like you don’t have your own life then take a break to spend some time with yourself.

Breaks are sometimes important and it takes an effort to be back again in a relationship. While taking a break in the relationship is something that should be avoided unless it’s inevitable, it can bring both of you closer for many reasons. It can make your love stronger, you will feel more motivated, and you might miss each other. You’re supposed to take a break from the relationship to make it stronger. The relationship is all about happiness and that matters most. Relationships are tough to handle when situations are worst but making them good is in your hand. So make it count.

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