How To Set Up A Photo Booth On Your Own?

Instead of spending a lot of money on getting once installed, you can set up your photo booth.

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Photo booths are one of the main attractions of any ceremony these days, from birthday parties to wedding anniversaries to other celebrations, they have managed to stay in the spotlight of the party. Since they are popular, almost all the parties these days have photo booths.

Instead of spending a lot of money on getting once installed, you can set up your photo booth by buying supplies such as helium balloons online, party hats, props, and other funky material. Read the step by step process, follow it, and viola, your booth is all set and ready to rock the party.

Materials Required:

Digital Camera, tripod, backdrop, tape, hammer and nails, large clamps, remote shutter release. Optional materials: Spotlight, backdrop stand, and lighting umbrella.

Camera Equipment

Set up the camera equipment with the tripod at the eye-level. If there is no assigned person at the booth, then you can go for a remote shutter release that will help the guests take their own photos.


Good lighting means good photos. Hence, lighting is an important factor. You could take a lighting umbrella or a spotlight depending on where you are setting up the booth (that is, indoors or outdoors, day or night).

If you do not have any external sources, you can turn on the flash that comes with the camera. Turn the flash to the floor or place a lap beside the booth for a good light source.



Bring out the creativity in you and come up with a unique backdrop for the photo booth. Make sure it is vibrant as it reflects on how good the photo comes out to be. You can print some backdrops or if you have plenty of time in hand, paint one yourself. For a party-vibe photo booth, look up fabrics, craft material, and helium balloons near me in Hyderabad.


Well, this is a bit tricky part. Getting the props. If the party is for a particular occasion, then make sure to get the pluckards that describe the honoree or the occasion. Further, for the props, dig in your closet to see if you have anything interesting such as furry scarfs, hats, and other items.

Also, bring out if you happen to have any funky accessories such as sunglasses. After fishing out props from your collection, you can visit stores that are dedicated to party items. Look for objects such as Polaroid cameras, telescopes, binoculars, old ships, steering wheels, frames, and other large items that will be easily visible in the photos.


While choosing for a spot in the party, look for a place that does not obstruct or tamper with the flow of the party as well as easily accessible. Keep in mind to make sure the place has a wall large enough to fit the backdrop.

Also, choose the area depending on the size of the photo booth. Therefore, for a large booth, select an area with larger square feet. If there is a hallway in the area where you are organizing the party, see if you can set up the booth there as they are often the least utilized. Make sure there is enough area between the booth and the camera so that people can easily fit in the frame and the backdrop shouldn’t be cut.


After the location is decided, clear off the wall and remove any decor items, if there, from it. Measure the size of the wall to prepare the backdrop accordingly. Mount the camera with the stand a few feet away from the wall to make sure the frame is right. Assemble the prop station next to the booth, and you are all set to go. 

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