How to recover inadvertently deleted files

Recover Inadvertently Deleted Files

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Who has never happened to inadvertently delete documents or more, in general, more or less important files? Surely it will have happened to everyone at least once and we would certainly have wondered what to do?

Don't panic because all is not lost. There are specific tools that are completely free for this purpose.

But let's go in order because before using these tools we always have our good Windows recycle bin available.

If we do not have the habit of emptying it often and frequently it is very likely that our file is still present, and therefore in an almost painless way we can proceed with its recovery.

But if instead the recycle bin is empty or if it is not, and the file is not present? Things are a bit more complex and we have to resort to specific tools.

How do these software work?

To answer the question we need a moment to understand how our Windows works and how it manages the deletion of files.

In fact, when the recycle bin is emptied, what happens is to make the files invisible to users, but in fact, the removed files are still present on the hard disk.

Because the concept is to physically remove the deleted files only if the space occupied by them is necessary for storing new files. Consequently what these tools do is scan our hard disk looking for the various fragments of files and evaluate the possibility of recovery.

So nothing particularly miraculous or no crystal ball. It's just a matter of knowing that emptying the trash is nothing more than a logical removal.

But let's get to the heart with the listing of these file recovery tools, all of them free.


Allows recovery of deleted files from recycle bin, memory cards, USB sticks and MP3 players. It also allows you to recover unsaved Word documents and emails from programs such as Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail.

Simple and clear both the installation wizard and the data recovery wizard, which allows you to select the type of file we want to recover. At that point, the scan of the hard disk will start and at the end of it, for each deleted file, a colored dot will appear in a traffic light style giving us an idea of ​​its possibility of recovery (recoverable green, unrecoverable red, partially recoverable yellow).

PC Inspector File Recovery

Equipped with a simple and intuitive interface in Italian, it allows the recovery of deleted files, data lost as a result of formatting or system crash, and recovery of the inaccessible drive letters.

Drive Rescue

Utility for slightly dated computers ... to give an idea of ​​dating the newest operating system supported is XP ... if it is not the prehistory of computer science we are at the very beginning of Windows operating on machines with Windows 95, 98 or ME.

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