How to Plan a Road Trip to Dubai

Much the same as any real city and visitor zone, there is a ton of movement in Dubai. There is likewise surge hour movement.

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How to get around: 

There are many activities in Dubai in any real city and tourist area. The flow of time is also proliferating. You should know that Dubai's work week is from Sunday to Thursday. The end of the working day is Friday and Saturday. This can affect the time spent on any vehicle and is most likely to rent a car from one area to another. It’s obviously easier to go this weekend.


For a better price, use a regular taxi instead of a luxury Lexus taxi. Make sure there is a meter on the taxi and you can also ask for fees from one area to another. For example, we don't know the extra cost of the Palm Jumeirah subway station to the Dubai Mall. Metro: Dubai has a perfect and easy to use subway frame. This may be your most solid choice for sports during the week and during the jump.

What to wear: 

For those who are adventurous in the United Arab Emirates, this is a matter of concern. Before I went, I found this article very useful. Basically, the sights and front cranes are all in uniform. The main time I wore a regular scarf and abay was a large mosque in Abu Dhabi. I hope that there will be a similar situation in any mosque. Although I am shocked by what people wear or don't wear clothes, you can also choose women's shoes in trousers or long skirts when eating at the Burj Al Arab restaurant in Burj Al Arab. Your shoulders are covered.

The CCP during the day: Before I contacted the Dubai base, my husband read that we were publicly expressed in Dubai, so we flinched. Later, I saw very tight hands and cockroaches on my cheeks.


Although I am sure there is a way to spend in Dubai, I think it is expensive, or there is nothing else in the United States. Their cash is known as the "Dirham" or AED Dirham in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, if you have experience in translation, currency exchange can provide information.


We found that the vast majority of people speak English and road signs, and the menus are basically Arabic and English. This makes research easy.

Food and alcohol:

The food is fresh and pleasant! Dubai is known for its multicultural food and basically has everything you need. I really want to try real Middle Eastern cuisine. Since this is a Muslim area, don't expect to find pork in restaurants. However, there are many fish, sheep, hamburgers and chicken. Notable dishes include shawarma (sliced meat such as mutton slices), hummus, curry, basmati and marinated whole fish (I eat whole salmon instead of fish in Dubai) . Wine: Allows visitors to enjoy drinks at authorized hotels, bars and restaurants in Dubai. Our residential freezer is fully supplied!

You can skip the visitor's practice:

you see what I call "I can" instead of "I can't" skip the visitor. I will manage this for you. Upstairs Burj Khalifa: Although it swarmed, the mission was still very good. I did a lot of things I could do. I talked a lot, I talked a lot. Thanks for my experience, my friends, my family and everyone. I wish you a pleasant trip. Holiday traffic (don't forget to rent a car in Dubai as a quote), book your flight and hotel.

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