How to Make the Most Money from an Old iPhone

Got a new iPhone? What are you going to do with the old one? Read this article to know the best way to sell a used iPhone.

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The time has come to upgrade to the latest iPhone and you are wondering what to do with your old one. There are many ways to get rid of an old iPhone. Some people choose to donate old phones or pass them on to those who need them most, others simply put them in the garbage, but if you are keen to make some money out of your old device the best thing to do is find a website that swaps old iPhones for money.

The amount you get will depend on what condition your phone is in. If, for example, there is nothing wrong with it except that it is old it will fetch more money than if it has a broken screen and other defective parts. Make sure that you upload all your information to a cloud and then delete any personal information that you wouldn’t like to get in the wrong hands. Clean it as well as you can – if it looks good it will fetch more money, and make sure that you pack along any accessories that you may have bought for it. 




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