How to Make Long Distance Relationships Work?

The sudden hike in dating applications, chat-rooms also makes it easier for people to connect with others and then, catch emotions or fall in love over the internet.

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The post-modern era of the technological revolution has made it quite easier to be able to stay in constant contact with people, no matter where they are around the globe!

This gives individuals the opportunity to keep their romantic connection going, no matter the distance.

The sudden hike in dating applications, chat-rooms also makes it easier for people to connect with others and then, catch emotions or fall in love over the internet.

These modern relationships that involve massive physical distance between two lovers and actually survive because of the internet and mobile phones are known as ‘Long-Distance Relationships’.

But. Let’s face it. . . Relationships are always complicated, whether it’s online or offline, they all have their share of hard truths.

It’s a fact that keeping long-distance relationships going till the people involved are actually able to meet, is really hard. This actually dissuades people from getting involved in the same.

An online survey, however, has concluded that 25% of long-distance relationships actually result in a ‘happily ever after’.

Are you at such a cross-road and worried if your relationship will make it? Don’t worry, we got you!

Here are some tips that will actually help you make your long-distance relationship pass the painful test of time: -

1. Be Clear on What You Expect From Each Other

The most essential part about being in a relationship is being clear as well as honest with each other.

Once you get involved in a romantic relationship, setting ground rules and being clear on what you expect from each other is really essential.

In case, you and your partner fail to be aware of the same and aren’t on the same page, it could be really hazardous for your relationship, in the long run.

2. Surprise Each Other With Gifts and Letters

The easiest way to make each other feel your presence is to establish a sense of contact in the real world, this could be just food that orders for each other or a personalized gift that you send your other half, it could end up making all the difference.

Also, since your entire relationship is based on texting, writing letters to each other could keep the romantic spark alive!

3. Get Creative When It Comes to the Sexual Tension

One of the biggest reasons why long-distance relationships fail is the vigorous amount of sexual tension between these couples.

The easiest way to let go of this tension is to accept the soft embrace of technology.

You can start off by sexting, sending saucy pictures to each other and planning Skype calls to get each other off. Another marvel of technology that can be of aid here is the app-controlled sex-toys, which can easily spice up your relationship.

4. Make Plans Together

Set goals for your future and occasionally, try to make plans to actually meet each other in person.

Try to take vacations together at least once a year, this helps you strengthen your connection, A change of environment is always good!

If it’s impossible to meet at this stage of your life, set up Skype dates that you and your partner, can look forward to, it’s a fun and quirky way to create some memories, together.

5. Be Careful When It Comes to Communication

Communication is very essential in every relationship, if you fail to communicate with each other, the entire relationship is bound to fall.

Also, a common error that people in long-distance relationships tend to make is over-communicating.

Over-communication, i.e., talking 24 hours a day tends to be very romantic at first, but it ends up killing your relationships you begin getting irritated by the constant nudging or in some cases, you get bored of each other. 


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