How to Improve Your Alexa Rank

If you own a website, then having a good Alexa rank should be your priority. Having a good Alexa rank will prove to be profitable for your business. Potential advertisers, visitors, and investors will evaluate your business on the basis of your Alexa Rank. Achieving the right Alexa Rank means your website is getting a good amount of traffic which likes your website’s content. Having quality content helps in improving your Alexa Rank. But there are other ways as well, which aid in boosting your Alexa Rank. But before I suggest the ways, let’s get some of the basics clear.

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 What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Rank demonstrates how popular your site is with respect to other sites. Local Alexa Rank shows your site’s popularity in the country where you have registered your domain. Whereas, Global Alexa Rank shows your rank with respect to other sites all around the world.

Moreover, this rank is relative. This rank does not only depend upon changes in your site’s traffic but also on the traffic of other sites.

You can find your website’s Alexa rank over here.

Moreover, if you constantly check your Alexa rank, then you can install the Alexa Traffic Chrome Extension. You can even see the rank of the page you are visiting. 

A Good Alexa Rank Number

According to me, a good Alexa rank number is less than or equal to 100K. Alexa very accurately reports the metrics and ranks below 100k.

But a good Alexa Rank number is subjective to the website owner. Some bloggers work hard to get their Alexa rank below 100k. And there are others, who are satisfied with a 500k Alexa rank.

Rather than just comparing the number of your Alexa Rank, you can compare the quality of content at your website with others having good Alexa rank. This way you will learn and improve.

How Alexa collects data

The team of Alexa has dedicated and professional data scientists who collect data with the help of data traffic panel. This traffic panel has a large number of people all over the world. With the help of this, they estimate the number of visitors on your site. Their methods of estimating the data is very accurate. They make sure that their data has minimal errors. Moreover, they have the ability to discard fake or spam traffic.

Factors affecting Alexa Ranking

There are many variables which affect your site’s Alexa Ranking. I have listed a few below :

• The number of people visiting your site (also known as traffic).

• The time spent on your site by the visitors

• The design of Site (UX/UI)

• The bounce rate and CTR

• The speed of Site (The loading speed of your website should be fast)

• Quality of Content on your site

Tips to Improve your Alexa Rank

Now that you know the importance of having a lower Alexa rank and the basics of it, let’s dive deep into the ways of improving your website’s Alexa Rank.

1. Have Original and Quality Content

Having Original and Quality content on your site is beneficial for you. Search engines like Google always reward original content. Moreover, engaging content will be liked by your visitors. They will spend more time on your site. Your site’s bounce rate will decrease. The visitors will share your content on social media or among their networks. Thus, your site will receive more traffic. An excellent and engaging content ensures that your current visitors will like to be engaged with your site in the future as well.

Moreover, more traffic can increase your CPC and will help you in generating revenue through Ads.

Good content is one which has –

• detailed information (approximately more than 2000 words)

• Good readability

• Relevant to the topic

2. Backlinking and Internal Linking

You can do guest posts on other sites which have high domain authority and Alexa Ranks. This way, the visitors on their site can get to know about your site. They can also visit your site. You can even get related sites to link to your website. These are known as Inbound links of Backlinks. They help in increasing the trust and credibility of your site. Moreover, the search engines get to know about your site’s niche more easily.

One page or post on your site is linked to another with the help of Internal Links. Internal Linking helps the visitor to navigate through your site more easily. Your visitors are engaged with the different quality content of your site.

Both backlinking and internal linking is essential for your site. Since they help search engines to determine the relevance of your site to the visitors. However, you should not do these linking excessively. Excessive linking affects the readability of your site to a large extent.

3. Find the right keywords

You should do keyword research. This way, you will find the right set of keywords. By using these keywords, you can generate quality content which helps you drive traffic to your site. It is always profitable to create content on the topics which are being searched by maximum people on the internet. You can improve your blogs and articles on your site accordingly. You can frequently post blogs and articles related to new keywords. This way, the freshness factor of your site will be updated. Search engines like Google, prefer content which is latest. You can use SEO strategies to optimize your site.

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4. Share your content

You can share your content on social media platforms such as on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Reddit. This way you will get new and unique site views. The number of visitors to your site will increase. You can even take help of Facebook Ads or Google Ads to increase the traffic on your site further. You will get a varied number of visitors.


By following the above-written steps along with proper strategy, you can improve your Alexa Rank for your website. There are other blackhat ways of improving your Alexa rank. But I will advise you not to use them as they will be harmful to your business. It is always advisable to use fair means to improve your rankings. Always create good and quality content by following SEO strategies and website if you have any problem contact WordPress Support Maintenance services


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