How to get rid of all problems at once?

How to live freely without the problems forever.

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Simple. Stop using the term »problem«:)

Stop dramatizing the Life, your self and others and describe and all as problems and solve them as something heavy and unpleasant.

You firstly create the problem and then you have another problem with the solving of the problem.

When you have a simple or complex situation and you call it a problem, it automatically becomes much difficult as it really is. It is important that you distinguish between a complicated situation and a »heavy« situation or the »problem«.

The situation can be very complex and complicated but that doesn’t mean that it has to be mentally and emotionally heavy or problematic.

Even if you have to move or lift 50 kilos that are heavy by weight, that doesn’t mean that they have to be mentally and emotionally “heavy”. With the problematization of only weight heavy things, you turn them to mentally and emotionally “heavy” and “problematic” as well:)

You worry your worries your self:) So, stop making the problems out of the things and unworry them.

Instead of the “problem” rather use the therm errand (or job or activity). Do you feel the difference:)

For example, I have a problem. Or: I have an errand. In fact, there is no difference between them because they are the same thing, you only describe them differently. And that different description makes a big difference:) Out of nothing, you have a problem:) When in fact, you only have an errand to do. No problem at all, just an errand.

If you will do errands, they will be much mentally and emotionally easier, even if they will be heavier by weight than the lightest problems, to do then the easiest of the problems.

When you start to solve problems, you immediately fall into the problem. You are in a bad mood before solving the problem, during the solvation and even after, when you remember, how awful it was. By the way, stop using the therm awful for the dramatization of the life as well:)

Maybe you complain after the situation is finished. The real Poor Me won’t let go of any chance to complain about everything because the problems are his only wealth:)

Stop turning events to Events and errands to Problems. Instead of »solving the problems« rather do the errands. With problems are just problems.

Release all the tensions and heavy loads that you charge yourselves with problematizing the life, and rather relaxed do your errands. Even if you have to physically muscle up to do it.

If you are religious, release the faith and get rid of that karmicons Cross, the Holly Problem:), which they have heinously loaded upon your “sinful” back with all the false and enforced sins, guilt and redemption. Know that you are a Beautiful Being of Pure Awareness, Love and Wisdom.

In the 3. Book of Letters to Palkies, I reveal, who were the incarnants in Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed, where are their incarnants today and what they do, while the 3 of the “saint” ones are sleeping the sleep without the dreams in their consciousness.

I suggest you live aware and closely monitor your reactions to the situations, your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, words and acts. You will notice that you will react differently to the problems than to just errands. With the problems, you will get tense, fall in the bad mood, become impatient, angry and maybe even aggressive and violent. To fight the problems, of course:)

When you reduce the problems to the errands, your reactions will completely change. You will see and accept the situation without the problematization and you will deal with the errands calmly, relaxed and efficient.

Monitoring of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, words and actions is the basic exercise for the awakening and aware living. With regular practice, you will be constantly aware, what is going on in you and around you and if needed automatically relax, stop the harmful thoughts and speaking the harmful words and doing harmful actions. One day, you will be completely awakened and stable and you will live calmly, relaxed and happy. Aware.

All the best to all.


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