Sleep deprivation is a rising problem. Teens using smartphone till late night is a very common problem. Sleep deprivation is extremely dangerous for human health and psychology. Here we will examine some problems related to sleep depriviation, causes and their solutions

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A proper sleep is not in everyone’s fate. But still, you can do some task to have a perfect sleep every night. Most of the people suffer from Insomnia. It threatens sleep and let them awake all night. Kids also find it difficult to sleep at night and this becomes a hectic problem for their parents. There are some defined remedies or yoga which can try at home daily before going to sleep. They can prevent you from the problem of Insomnia.

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Here is the list of top 10 ways to get a perfect sleep every night,

1. Develop and Schedule Sleep Routine

A sleep routine can be made mandatory for old aged people. This may be tempting but is the best choice where the sleep routine can be followed also on weekends. A sleep routine helps a person to schedule a daily sleep at a particular time clock. At this sort of time, a person may fall asleep.

Every day, one can go to bed at the same time and relax for the day to establish wake clock in order to reduce the amount of turning and tossing required to fall asleep.

2. Follow Aerobatic Exercise

According to the research of the Department of Physiology and Neurobiology, it has been reported that there is an increment in the quality of sleep for adults who tried aerobatic exercise five times a week. If you want, you can go for workout sessions for several hours before you go to sleep. At the same time, old aged people can keep their body fit.

So, before going to bed you can try some of the basis aerobatic exercises at home in order to reduce Insomnia. It would also help you to keep fit and relaxed.

3. Make changes in Diet

Improper diet is the source of major problems in the body. Somewhere, it also leads to improper sleep during the night. You must cut down the drinks and food that contains caffeine like tea, coffee, chocolates, and soft drinks. Keep your dinner as light as possible and try to finish it as soon as possible before you finally go to bed. Some of the basis heavy or spicy foods must be avoided because whenever you consume them, they make keep you awake with indigestion and heartburn.

So, keep a strict eye over your dirt and avoid junky foods which can create unwanted problems.

4. Avoid Smoking

According to the latest study, it is said that smokers are more likely to get problems of Insomnia and heartburn. The effect of nicotine makes it a drawing sleep where a person gets restless sleep. Smoking also causes breathing disorders such as heartburn and asthma.

The main goal of the person should be the withdrawal of smoking and avoid taking drinks. It can really cause severe problems which can be unhealthy for the body too.

5. Avoid Alcohol at Night

Alcohol is again a source of severe problems in the body. It can disrupt brainwaves and pattern of sleep which can ruin your morning’s refreshment. Alcohol must be avoided in every aspect at least when you are going to sleep. You can go through unwanted wake up during the night which is ridiculous.

This is the topic of major concern which should be taken seriously and positively. So, for a healthy sleep every night, try to avoid alcohol.

6. Avoid use of Electronics before bedtime

Yes, one must avoid the use of any electronics device like TV, video game, computer, cell phone, within the last two hours before you go to bed. It is proved under the study of National Sleep Foundation survey. It can directly affect your brain which may result in Insomnia.

The lights from electronic devices can make the brain stimulate and hard to wind down. It also affects the eye. So, try to keep your gadgets away whenever you go to bed for a perfect sleep. There is another catch with the electronic devices. There are fitness trackers available that can track and monitor your sleep. You can check this fitness tracker buyer’s guide to know more about famous fitness trackers. These small gadgets can help you analyze your sleeping trends which you can improve further based on results.

7. Hog the Bed

There are many pet lovers in the world who likes to sleep with their pet daily. But most of them have disturbing sleep every night. According to the recent study by Dr Mayo, it was found that about 54% of the pet lovers find the problem of Insomnia every night.

Kids and dogs both can create some disturbing bed hog. Everyone should sleep soundly, so try to keep your pets away while sleeping.

8. Manage the Temperature of the Room

The temperature of the room plays a major role in your sleep. Try to keep your temperature moderate and not tropical i.e. neither too neither cold nor too hot. National Sleep Foundation relies on the temperature of about 65-degrees F. It can strike the balance between your sleeping attire, bed covers, and tour thermostat. So, it is in your hands, how you keep the temperature of the surroundings in which you sleep.

For a more restful sleep, manage the temperature of your room to avoid such problems of restless nights.

9. Make it Black Out

A complete blackout can be done if you are not afraid of the dark and as the presence of light tells you that, its morning and the time to wake up. It is seen that even a small part of light from somewhere can disturb your sleep.

Melatonin is a hormone which generates sleep cycles. The production of this hormone can be decreased due to the presence of light. It can result in unwanted sleep. So, try to make it a blackout while sleeping.

10. Sleep only on your bed

Sleeping has beautiful phases and it should sound in an effective manner. Use your bed for your sleep only and try to avoid eating, dancing, drinking, playing over it. You can even meditate on your bed.

Only use your bed for sleeping as you may feel more comfortable on it as compared to other’s bed.


Sleeping is a blessing from God. You can burn all your tiredness by sleeping. So, if you are having sleepless nights then try to follow the above -mentioned points. They would surely help you in your problems and get you a perfect sleep. 

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