How to Fix “iPhone won’t Turn On” Issue

Wondering how to resolve the iPhone Won't Turn On issue? Then you are at the right place to find proper solutions for the same!

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Your iPhone is not turning on and you can think of all the possible worst things that could have been a reason, in that case, you are in the right place. You see a while back I had troubles in turning on my iPhone as well so I looked up for its causes. There could be several reasons primarily being (provided you are lucky) your iPhone is discharged or a hardware problem and even a corrupt software update.

Why my iPhone won’t turn on?

Before going ahead and try various methods on your iPhone it’s important to know the root cause of it. So the question is why my iPhone won’t turn on? If your phone has physical damage and it has been dropped a while ago and it has developed cracks. It could be a hardware related issue. Also, the charging cable and the charger of the phone should be checked because in many cases the cable is worn out and the issue can be easily solved.


On the other hand, if all of a sudden the phone has stopped working, it can be a software related issue or a corrupt software update. You need to analyze your activities that if you had recently downloaded an update, a new application, visited a corrupt website, jailbreak your phone or changed any settings. In cases mentioned like these, the problem can be a software related problem. It can be manually solved whereas hardware issues have to be shown in the Apple store.

How to fix my iPhone won’t turn on issues?

After finding out the root cause, it will be easy for you to work on its solution. There are different approaches to rectify the problem. Starting with the easiest one:

Solution one: Charge your iPhone

If you have lucky stars, then one of the primary solutions can be charging your iPhone. Normally a discharged phone turns off and shows instruction on screen to charge it. Let your iPhone charge for a while and then attempt to open it. Give it a few minutes.

Still, if it does not open, then you need to check a couple of things. Whether your charging cable is working or not. If it’s not in good shape you should definitely doubt its functionality. Also, check the adapter. Many times it happens that we check the cable and forget about the adapter. Make sure your sockets and plugs are working properly.

Lastly, check your battery current health.

If all this doesn’t work then you should read further.

Solution Two: Hard reset your iPhone

Even now your iPhone is not turning on then this is the time to take extra measures. Starting with a hard reset of your iPhone. For this, we have to forcefully start the device. There are different ways to hard reset the iPhone and they are different for a different model of iPhone.

For iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X

1. Quick-press the Volume Up button.

2. Now, after releasing the Volume Up button, quick-press the Volume Down button.

3. Now, just long press the Slider button (Power or the wake/sleep button). Keep pressing it for a few seconds.

4. Release the button once the Apple logo would appear on the screen.

For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

1. Press and hold the Power (wake/sleep) button.

2. While still pressing the Power button, hold the Volume Down button.

3. Keep pressing the buttons at the same time.

4. Release the buttons when the Apple logo would appear on the screen.

For iPhone 6s or older devices

1. Long press the Power (wake/sleep) button.

2. Long press the Home button while still holding the Power button.

3. Keep holding both the buttons together for another 10 seconds.

4. Once the Apple logo would appear on the screen, let go of the buttons.

Solution Three: Use third party software to fix the bug

If the forceful restarting of the phone also didn’t work but you can try third party software like dr.fone - Repair. It can fix all issues related to the iPhone, meaning iOS. It has a high success rate and it is extremely simple to use too.

1. It will repair the bugs without any kind of data loss.

2. Any kind of problem can be solved by it. This includes a black screen of death, malware attack, frozen iPhone and other things.

3. It won’t cause any harm to your device

4. It’s even compatible with iOS 12 beta, all the leading iPhone devices.

Following are the steps to use the software.

1. Launch the dr.fone toolkit on your computer system. You’ll see a welcome screen select the “Repair” module on it.

2. Your next step will be to connect your iPhone with a data cable to your system, once it is detected a click on “Start”

3. You can copy the serial number if you want to before proceed.

4. Next step will be to keep your device on a Device Firmware Update mode.

5. Once you have done that it will ask certain things like serial number, model number. Provide that to download recent firmware update.

6. Now a download will start of your respective firmware update. You will be notified when it will be downloaded.

7. Now click on the “Fix Now” button also make sure “Retain native data” is enabled, this will save your data loss.

8. Your device will start in no time.

This software is as simple as it can get and there is no reason to not use it.

Solution four: Restore iPhone to factory settings in DFU mode.

If none of the above four ways work then we eventually have to come to last resort. It’s a radical approach by putting the device in a device firmware update (DFU) you can reset it. This can be achieved using iTunes. This will make your device turn on but its last resort because of a reason and that is the data will be lost.

Following are the instruction to put your phone on DFU mode:

For iPhone 6s and older generations/ iPhone 7 and 7plus

1. Hold the Power (wake/sleep) button.

2. While still holding the Power button, press the Home button as well.

3. Keep pressing both of them for the next few seconds.

4. Release the Power button but still press the Home button. (for iPhone 7/ 7plus) Afterward, release the Power button while still holding the Volume Down button.

5. Release the Home button once your phone enters the DFU mode.

For iPhone 8, 8 plus, and X

1. To start with, press the Volume Up button and release it.

2. Now, press the Volume Down button and release it.

3. Keep holding the Slider (Power) button till the screen goes off (if it isn't already).

4. Press the Volume Down button while still holding the Slider (Power button).

5. Keep holding both the buttons for the next 5 seconds.

6. Release the Volume Down button once your phone enters the DFU mode.

After this just follow simple instructions.

1. Launch the iTunes and connect your phone.

2. Put your phone on DFU mode.

3. iTunes in a while will detect an issue and will give you the prompt.

4. Choose to restore your device.

Solution Five: contact the Apple genius bar

If none of this works contact the Apple Store and book an appointment with apple genius bar nearby you.

Tips to avoid this issue

1. One should avoid opening weird/suspicious links or websites that can potentially be insecure.

2. Avoid downloading attachments from anonymous sources.

3. Try to optimize the storage on your device. Keep your device light and free

4. Don’t update on the beta version, always update on iOS version.

5. Use authentic cables and chargers to charge your phone, take care of your battery.

6. To avoid corrupt application, keep updating.

7. Do not jailbreak your device, until and unless it is necessary.

8. Avoid launching too many apps at the same time and clear device memory frequently.

Above are mentioned various ways to start your iPhone and to handle your iPhone with care, follow this instruction and avoid yourself the trouble. Article contributed by Hari babu from TechAriz!

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