How to Change Cartridges in an Epson printer

In this article, we'll be explaining how to change Cartridges in an Epson printer.

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Changing the cartridges in an Epson printer is an operation that must necessarily be carried out in order to be able to print all your documents, photos, and other elements.

It must be a procedure to be carried out with care so that it is possible to avoid taking false steps and therefore having to proceed with the purchase of a new cartridge.

Let's now see, in a simple way, how to perform all the different types of operations quickly and safely, without creating situations that are not easy to deal with.

How to change cartridges in an Epson printer

When you need to change the cartridge

Before talking about the steps that need to be taken to change the cartridges of the Epson printer, we need to consider carefully when it should be changed.

In fact, it should be borne in mind that the printer lights do not always indicate the ideal moment of change but, in a specific circumstance, this indicates that it would be better to obtain a new cartridge.

To be precise, the cartridge must be changed when the red light remains on steadily: if this should be only and exclusively flashing and never steady, it means that the cartridge is about to run out but that there is still ink inside. Therefore, great attention must be paid to this kind of detail so that it is possible to avoid committing any kind of inaccuracy.

In addition, the cartridge must be opened only when it must be replaced, thus avoiding drying out the ink inside it.

The preliminary steps of replacing the cartridge

In order for the installation to work correctly, the power light must be solid and the printer installation disk is not inside the computer first.

This will allow you to perform a correct operation and avoid locking the device.

Next, you need to press the cartridge control button, which is the symbol with the full drop present on the front of the instrument, after carefully opening the drawer.

The Epson printer will allow you to find out which colors need to be replaced: each of these will be positioned on the symbol with the barred drop, which indicates precisely the end of the ink or the next term, or a reduced quantity present in the same cartridge.

For a perfect control, it is necessary to repeat this kind of operation several times, or for the number of colors that make up the whole cartridge so that it is possible to see how many colors need to be replaced: as soon as one of them is repeated will know precisely the number of different cartridges that must necessarily be replaced.

These are the different preliminary operations that must be carried out in such a way as to replace the cartridges. In this way, it will be possible to print without completing completely the wrong steps. Obviously, the replacement method must be carried out with immense care and precision in order to avoid making mistakes of any kind.

Correct replacement of the Epson cartridge

Once the desired information has been obtained, it will be necessary to replace them and firstly, once the check has been completed, press the cartridge control button for a few seconds, so that it is positioned in the appropriate area where it is possible to change of the same.

At this point you have to open the cartridge that must be inserted in the printer, carefully removing the yellow ribbon and taking care not to ruin the different fins on the rear, therefore proceeding with great care and delicacy.

The cartridge that needs to be replaced must be slightly open, pressing in the flap located on the rear of the same, making a very gentle pressure: the cartridge will then be unlocked and it will be advisable to remove it slowly from above so that itself can be removed.

Once this has been done, it will be necessary to insert the new cartridge, placing it in such a way that the ink can mix with the others: the cartridge must be gently pushed until you hear a click indicating that the cartridge has been fixed.

At this point, the new ink loading procedure must be started and the above operation must be confirmed by pressing the cartridge control button.

The printer mechanism will put the new ink into circulation and generally, this takes about two minutes.

If the operation has been carried out correctly, it will be possible to notice how the indicator light of the control will turn off automatically while the one relating to the ignition will remain active.

These are the different procedures that must be carried out to replace, in an optimal and precise way, the cartridges of the Epson printer without damaging it.

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