How to buy a suitable best commercial Dishwasher for your restaurant business?

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This post describes you the best and suitable ways to buy commercial dishwasher for you restaurant business.

Buying a dishwasher can get really challenging, thanks to the numerous features available these days. Still, you got to buy these if you have a commercial space. Otherwise, you simply cannot function efficiently. Since buying a commercial dishwasher is a whole process in itself, you have to be prepared.

This blog makes the process smooth. All the information you need is in here, starting with the type of commercial dishwashers.


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High and Low Temp Dishwashers

Temperature is among the decisive factors when you are purchasing a dishwasher for your restaurant or catering business. A high-temperature commercial dishwasher washes and rinses at around 160-180°F, sanitizing the dishes in the process. What’s more, the dishes get dried up quickly. However, you might have to purchase a hood adding to the initial cost. Moreover, if you have more of the delicate dishes such temperature can be damaging.

Where high-temperature dishwashers are at disadvantage, low temp version can be put to use. However, sanitization is not possible at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, special ware washing chemicals must be used to do the job, ensuring that they do not tarnish your costly wares.

Conveyor Dishwashers

For bigger commercial settlements like college or hostel canteen, these are often considered convenient. The Output of these machines lies anywhere between 350 to 1000 racks every day. These are large and powerful machines, meant for heavy-duty use. Before buying, just ensure good Energy Star ratings along with a good understanding of their functionality. These machines come both in high and low-temperature version. Pick one you deem fit and get it installed only by an electrician since it could appear a little too much technical for others.

Door Type / Rack Dishwashers

Think of door-type or rack dishwashers as the conveyor washers, only smaller. Like their elder brother, it is also available in both high and low-temperature versions. Their size allows them to get installed in a corner or against a wall. These are designed in a way to connect either too dirty or clean dish-tables. Once the rack gets full of dishes, these can be put through a wash cycle to get the clean ones in a short while. A food joint can process around 30 to 350 racks every day so you get the idea if it’s meant for you. Simple plugs won’t do so get the hard-wiring done by an electrician.

Under counter Commercial Dishwashers

Small and compact kitchens make the best use of the under counter dishwashers that resembles the ones used in houses. As the name suggests, they can fit nicely under your countertop. The pace is not what these machines are known for but you can get clean dishes as and when needed, cleaning 20 to 30 racks of glasses and dishes at a time. You wouldn’t run out of clean dinnerware throughout your business hours. If you are running home kitchens for professional purpose, these machines cut back on time and distance needed to supply the wares to customers.

Specialized Dishwashers

Apart from the ones explained above, there is a range of dishwashers that are used for specific dishes and wares, like glasses, bone china, and porcelain wares and big pots and pans. The commercial glass washers are also available in a polish free version where you wouldn’t need to hand-rub the cleaned glassware to make them sparkling. This means a lot for a rest-o-bar kind of arrangement can use them. Businesses specifically into catering can make use of commercial dishwasher designed only for big pots and pans. Choose according to your needs!

Important features to consider in a dishwasher

In addition to making a selection from above commercial dishwasher types, you have to pick model and brands having features important to you. Often these are the deciding factors, meant to showcase performance and add to durability (as in nylon-coated racks or stainless steel tub!). Some of the important ones are:

• A soil sensor to let your washer know if it needs to continue washing or end the cycle.

• A stainless steel tub comes at a bigger price but dries quickly, reduces noise, and lasts longer (as compared to the plastic ones).

• Classic front controls or top controls, the choice is yours though the latter one could be found more as it looks more appealing and gives the machine a sleek look.

• Food grinder or masticator pulverizes food debris but it is noisy and requires an expert to fix if broken.

• Instead, people opt for filters (that are durable!) to be cleaned manually from time to time.

• Energy efficiency can help you save bills but don’t compromise with the features you absolutely need in your dishwasher. Such machines manage energy while idling between the cycles, or have separate energy settings to achieve that.

• Noise coming from your dishwasher can get extremely irritating, so that’s a factor to consider. Averaged out noise levels are stated by all the manufacturers. You can go according to that or just consult review reports on several brands and models available online before finalizing the purchase.

• Adjustable/extra racks can be an advantage during an extremely busy business hour.

• You might consider adding a booster heater to sanitize the dishes if you have made your mind up for a low-temperature commercial dishwasher.


Now other than above considerations, you have one major thing to think about on which every other thing depends: your budget. You might want to base your decision on many features of your choice but a limited budget might prove restrictive.

So better would be making a list of the models on your mind with all your expectations. Then go ahead making a real-time check on their pricing, both in brick-and-mortar appliance stores and in the online market place; see if you could get some good deal or if you need to time your purchase for festive seasons when the much-awaited sale on appliances are the green signals needed.

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