How the use of Nape Hair by FUE UGraft helps to Create Natural Hairlines?

Hair transplant has been proved very effective in treating the problem of hair fall. In some cases, the patient starts losing hair from the back of the scalp and sometimes the hair is lost from the hairline. No doubt, various advancements have been made in the hair transplantation method.

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Get a natural looking Hairline

To get a natural looking hairline is possible by using the UGraft Advanced FUE method. Many patients suffer from the problem from receding hairline and thin hair at the front of the scalp. Even after trying various treatment options results are not visible. But, with advanced FUE method UGraft in which nape hair is used which is the most effective way to get the hairline back.

Due to this, many people are opting for Hair Transplant In Jalandhar as this treatment is effective in solving the problem and even the results are natural.

What is the reason for using nape hair?

One of the best reasons for using the nape hair is that they create a natural hairline. Moreover, the nape hair is soft as compared to traditional donor hair. So, it means it is an ideal choice for having the natural look which might not be possible with traditional methods as most of them give the artificial look.

Create natural hairline with Nape hair by FUE UGraft

Pre-Planning stage

This is the most essential part of hair transplant treatment. Along with choosing the best surgeon for the treatment is very much needed. Reconstructing a new hairline with proper skill with immense precision.

In some cases, people lack donor hair because of the problem they are experiencing. This means the patient is experiencing a significant level of baldness.

The method of UGraft helps in giving the potential results you are looking for which is used in combination with FUE.

How does it work?

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method is effective as hair follicles are taken one by one. After that, the hair grafts are transplanted one by one where hair growth is very less.

If the donor's hair is lacking then this is combined with UGraft. With UGraft FUE method, the hair follicles are pulled very gently which helps in minimizing the damage when the hair is extracted. Moreover, with this method, the follicle which is extracted will experience less trauma while they are being cut.

Another reason to get this transplant is that it leaves the donor area clean and even scarring is very significant. As a result, the time to recover from the surgery will be less. So, it means the best way to create a natural hairline with hair transplant is by using the soft hair which is present in the front of temples and hairline.

According to our team of surgeons, this method has been proven very effective and it does help the patient to see the results which they are looking for. The results which are achieved with this method cannot be obtained efficiently with traditional methods of hair restoration.

If you are facing problem then you should seek the help of our doctor and after diagnosing the issue they will let you know about the entire procedure.

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