How Oval Make Up Brushes Have Become Game Changers

Oval makeup brushes are changing the application of cosmetics. Read here and find out its growing popularity and why this is preferred by many!

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Oval make up brush is popular among makeup artists because they make the application easy and help in blending everything flawlessly. As a matter of fact, you can use them on your own and get a finished result that is almost professional. The best thing about the oval makeup brushes is that they are structured to enable the holder to apply makeup on their own face easily to get that glam look.

How Oval Make Up Brushes Have Become Game Changers


Oval make up brush is not a new makeup tool in the market. But if you also belong to the gang of girls who don’t know how to use them to get that flawless look then this article will surely help you.

Foundation Oval Makeup Brush

Take the desired amount of foundation on the back of your hand and gently dip your chosen large oval brush into it. If applying to your entire face, you can use a large brush. But you can use a medium to a small oval brush if you want to apply foundation in the specific areas of your face.

Start blending from T-zone on the forehead and then work down. Make sure to blend it well.

Pull the oval makeup brush up the sides at the nose area and then blend it on to the rest of the face, jawline and down the neck in small circular motions.

Concealer Oval Makeup Brush

Place a dab of concealer on the back of your hand. Use a smaller oval brush for applying concealer.

After applying the concealer in the required places, blend it with the large oval brush in short and small motions.

Powder Oval Makeup Brush

Choose the large flat brush and sprinkle the powder on it.

Apply the powder to the entire face in one motion and blend it carefully.

Blush Oval Brush

Use your medium brush to fill color to your cheeks where they are the fullest.

Apply blush in circular motions and blend it by moving the brush toward your hair.

Eyeshadow Oval Brushes

Use the smallest oval brush for applying eyeshadow.

Add a little of the eyeshadow to the brush and gently drag it along the lid up to the brow bone.

Eyebrow Oval Brushes

The smallest and the narrowest brush is for the eyebrows.

Take your eyebrow product and brush it on through your eyebrow hair.

Now that you know the trick its time to try it!


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