How machine learning helps business growth.

Machine learning is essential for business as it provides better service to your customers as well as potential clients. Read here for more!

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How a chatbot can help you to improve business

The chatbot is one of the greatest ways to increase your business in a very scientific manner. The purpose of deploying Artificial Intelligence chatbots is to provide a better service to your customers as well as potential clients. A messenger ChatBot can act as your digital assistant and can help you handle your online business and website in a very friendly manner. Giant retailers such as Amazon and WALMART are spending a lot of money to improve their AI ChatBot. If you own an online business or website you are advised to invest upon a decent chatbot because of many reasons. The ChatBot is nothing but machine learning algorithms that are very well trained by quality data to serve online platforms. Nowadays chatbot is acting as a medium between the owner and the client because of their high intelligence. It is generally considered one of the largest leaps of humans towards automation and personalization. The ChatBot is expertise in multi-tasking such as providing information, resolving issues, responding to queries, making reservations and even taking valuable feedbacks.

You may argue that I do not require any chatbot like the thing to run my online business. But this list of names is enough to convince you about the chatbot thing. All the major applications Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, and Hangouts allow easy integration of chatbots. For a simple comparison, I would like to state that the engagement rates of a Facebook messenger chatbot are 10 to 80 times better than email marketing and any organic post on the news feed. If you want to adopt a customer-centric approach than chatbot is one of the best ways to do it. More than one-third of users put trust in more than one of the above mentioned messaging platforms hence increasing your chances for engagement. In present time chatbots have become a widely used tool for data collection and analytics. You can hire experts to build your chatbot or can even partner with a proven firm to meet your expectations.

ChatBots will add life to your web and mobile application platform and drive your daily sales. Names such as Zomato and Uber are investing in it to strengthen the relationships with the customers. The chatbot can help you achieve your business goals such as higher retention rates, conversion rates and return on investment. It has been observed that online businesses strive over customer loyalty and there is no better way to win it than your virtual friend chatbot. This article reveals how exactly chat will help you achieve your business objectives as well as goals.

In what ways a chatbot will help me grow my business?

Don’t you like it when you go somewhere and there is always someone standing to welcome you or guide you? Yes, people love it when there is someone always standing there for you and the same thing goes for a ChatBot. People love it when they are immediately greeted by a smart and humorous chatbot whenever they visit any online business. That single reason for putting a smile on the face of your customers is enough for you to hire or develop your ChatBot. But deploying a ChatBot is not all it is very necessary to train it with quality and structured sets of data to make it a very appropriate host. Try to create an ideals balance of all the qualities according to your target audience. This means a ChatBot must behave very differently when it is engaging any child than any adult than any elderly person.

People out there are doing a lot of research on how an ideal chatbot must behave and are getting a very close result to idealistic human behavior. It is a much-known fact that people generally messengers love to talk with virtual assistants and often form relationships with it. The virtual assistants such as Alexa by Amazon and Siri by Apple have already proved how much people love smart chatting bots. A lot of research is being done in a particular field to make ChatBot more personalized. Nowadays ChatBot comes with voice recognition and emotion sensors trained enough to uplift your mood anytime. Let us discuss in particular how AI-powered chatbots can help you achieve your business objectives.

Available at all the times

The chatbot can serve any customer 24 hours a day any date in the year. This means you can relax your customer service staff and focus on core competencies. The waiting time gets eliminated resulting in happy clients and growth in business. Imagine that you need not hire any customer response staff and still you can serve thousands of customers in a single go. What can be better than that to achieve your business goals? Only a messenger chatbot can replace your whole website platform and can exactly deliver the clients the thing that they want in no time. Hence chatbot soon will change the way online businesses and will stop unnecessary wastage of time.

Exploring new possibilities

Now your chatbot can hook up new clients for you. The chatbot can communicate with your clients at any suitable time and provide them with all the best deals and products. The food delivery giant Zomato and Swiggy manage their delivery operations single-handedly thus empowering a great deal of automation. They can be used smartly to push off best of deals eliminating all kinds of harassment such as cold calling. Hence it is just the beginning for you and your digital friend. Shortly, your chatbot can be trained to perform all types of tasks for you such as marketing, operation management, supply chain practically everything. Maybe you can run your business sitting on a beach or hiking any mountain.

Reasonable maintenance costs

According to the study, any chatbot will cost half less than the entire customer service infrastructure. Chatbot in the coming decade will eliminate the necessity for hiring employees as well as resources to respond to customers. You are only required to hire an AI expert to manage your chatbot or in a large case, a small team is enough to get the job done.

Higher rate of engagement and increased sales

It is a proven fact that chatbot increase engagement levels and makes customers happy. Just imagine someone going around you in the mall and helping you shop. It just feels great right and the study shows that Chatbot on Facebook messenger is raising the sales to 40 %.

The chatbot is generally programmed in a very justified manner and provide maximum satisfaction. Now you can also get important insights about the tastes of the customers and pitch your products accordingly. The chatbot is the best way to study consumer behavior through the data collected by the chatbot.

Saves a lot of precious time 

Imagine the frustration that the customer goes to when customer service holds his call for a very long time. Everyone has experienced the pissed off feeling due to long waiting times for even the smallest of the query. One of the best functions of the chatbot is that it saves the time of the customers by the instant response. This is one of the foremost reasons why people are ready to spend a large sum of money for their personal AI chatbot. Another special thing about chatbot is that it can take requests up to thousands in a single go and respond to all of them. Hence chatbot is the next best thing if you want to invest in your online business.


Nowadays there are many online courses such as Udacity and EDX that can teach you how to build your chatbot in a very simple manner. Take the help of any IT professional to train as well as deploy your chatbot to get the best of the results. In the coming days, everyone will own their virtual assistants which will keep interacting to create new opportunities. Online businesses have already experienced the power of chatbot and are striving towards its betterment. If your online business is not taking off do not waste money on cheap marketing tactics. Instead, put your money on the chatbot and the near future will not disappoint you. It is the right time to discuss your business requirements with chatbot professionals to develop the best of the product for you.

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