How Will Big Data Be Used In The Future

The use of big data will be doubled in the future due to its application in many sectors. Check here to learn more!

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It is for sure that the big data has taken the business world on squall! But since the era is all about new and changing trends. So how will Big Data be used in the future? What are the predictions for Big Data in the upcoming days?

People nowadays are relying more on the digital world of “instant gratification” which has made today’s world all cloud-based. 

It is a simple prediction that the data usage from each smartphone will be doubled in upcoming days, seeing the current scenario of data usage. Which proves that there will be obviously no slowing down in the future. Therefore, Big Data will witness a boom in the future.

How Will Big Data Be Used In The Future

How will Big Data be used in the future?

Increase in Volume –

The volume of Big Data will continue to grow exponentially. It a record that people have created 90% of today’s data in these couple of years. Which is around quintillion bytes per day data, which is mainly created by the internet, social media, text messages, media files, web searches.

People have become so tech-savvy these days, even from looking for a simple “How to’s” till ordering online and eating. Maybe in upcoming days, this will go to the next level of people doing everything online. This will create billions and trillions of connected devices and embedded systems globally which will create, collect and share ample data every day.

Big Thing in Big Data – Machine Learning –

Machine learning will be at the forefront of the Big Data Future. Many experts believe that computers capabilities to learn from data will be considerably improved due to more advanced unsupervised algorithms, cognitive services, and deeper personalization and hence as a result, there will be machines now which will read and identify emotions, explore space, drive cars for us, heal the sick and even shop for us.

This sounds fascinating and scary at the same time. But let’s see what different ways future shows us!

Algorithms over Software –

Businesses tend to look for more and more customization in their systems. Will be somehow replacing Software over Algorithms. Since we cannot mold software according to our needs (we can but at very limited extend only). Also, we cannot limit our needs according to the software. Many businesses will look for purchasing algorithms instead of creating their own. After buying the algorithm, one can add their own data to it rather than programming.

Privacy –

Whether it is Internet or Big Data, one of the most eminent things for any emerging technologies is its Security and Privacy of data. And as in the future, the volume of data will be increasing, privacy will be even more important since stakes will be much higher. Hence data security and privacy will be the biggest challenge for Big Data industries.

Investments in Big Data –

Total revenues from Big Data and business analytics will rise in the coming years since business spending on Big Data has already surpassed billion dollars in 2019. Though the business investments in Big Data varies from company to company, the increase in Big Data spending will remain consistent. While Health care, resource, and banking industries will be the fastest to adopt the Big Data, manufacturing industries will be ones who will be spending the most on the Big Data Technologies.

CDO’s will be in high demand! –

CDO? You might be knowing Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). But ever heard about Chief Data Officer (CDO)? Mostly it will be a NO! But surely in upcoming days, it will be a generic thing. Because eventually there will be an emergence of this new position in businesses. Wider the spread of Bid Data Technologies, the need for hiring a Chief Data Officer will be a mandatory thing.


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