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The day I landed in New York I had a dream to build a big life for myself. It is not much different from most of the people pursuing their careers.

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It took me 10 long years to earn a reputable place. The transition is from a single guy living in a downtown apartment to a big luxury apartment in Manhattan was not easy.

Hard work got me on the way to success. Three years ago, my life got so busy; I needed professionals to manage my life. I searched for the best home management company in New York NY and it went well.

I had trained well for my job as a stunts man before I reached NYC. Securing a job was not as easy as it is a relatively uncommon skill. I have heard it a thousand times that I should have gone to LA but I always dreamt of living huge life in NYC.

The first two years were all about auditions. At the end of the second year, I got selected for two companies. Though not so big the startup was enough for me. Fast forward next four years and I had enough contacts to get me to work on all days of the year.

I got married and life got much busy. I have been managing all of my schedules on my own for all these years. My wife was a help too but when we had our first baby, it got more difficult to keep track of things. The work was more frequent and my responsibilities were increasing every day.

A friend of mine suggested hiring a home concierge. We were reluctant to hire one as we had the impression that we will lose our privacy. Moreover, we didn’t want to risk anything with a baby.

When I discussed the issue with my best friend, he explained the responsibilities and services of a lifestyle manager in New York NY. He mentioned what they should and should not do. He also provided help with some references.

Finally, we decided to hire and the search began. There are various options when it comes to choosing a lifestyle manager NYC is teeming with professionals. Online reviews were quite helpful.

We met the top three of our shortlisted companies. We discussed all the important things which needed to be maintained. Our home needed a redesign. My international tours were on the list. There were so many things to be arranged. After ensuring that they are licensed and properly qualified for the job, we made the deal.

It has been three years and I will say that we are working with the most dedicated luxury lifestyle manager in New York NY.        

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