Hey, Alexa: Are You Ready?

Get a detailed overview of Alexa and its functions with small home devices. Check here to find more information!

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Just a few years ago, who would have thought that technology will make our lives so simple that we won’t even need to use our hands for turning the switches on and off and the machines will actually follow our voice commands. With Alexa, the wonder product by amazon, this unbelievable thing has now become possible.

Hey, Alexa: Are You Ready?

How Alexa Works:

Alexa has a built-in natural language processor that converts speech into sounds, words, and ideas. For that

Amazon first records your speech and sends it to Amazon’s servers for efficient analysis.

It then breaks down our words into individual sounds, consults the database for various words pronunciations to and finds the word that closely corresponds to the combination of individual sounds.

Amazon further identifies the keywords to know the tasks and carry out corresponding functions.

The servers send the information back to your device and Alexa may speak.

What are the best smart home devices?

From getting your thermostat up to turning down the lights, everything is possible just at the command of your voice. Turning your home into a hub of smart appliances is not difficult in today's digital age. These are the best smart home devices:

  • Ring video doorbell 2

  • Amazon Echo Studio
  • Google Nest Hub Max
  • Philips Hue
  • Nest Thermostat E
  • Arlo Pro 3
  • Belkin Wemo Insight Smart Plug
  • August Smart Lock Pro

Smart Home Devices That Work With Alexa:

Smart Bulbs:

All smart light bulbs work with Alexa. You can switch on and off or dim multiple lights. You can also change a bulb's color, and even create light groups to set the desired color schemes throughout the house on command. All you will need is the Hue Bridge, a hub that can handle up to 50 colorful lights with Alexa.

Smart Plugs:

Alexa can also control smart plugs by connecting your plugs to your Wi-Fi network. You can easily turn fans, lights or anything else on and off from your smartphone.


Alexa voice assistant can also regulate the temperatures or set our top smart-thermostat pick to Away mode.

Robot Vacuums:

Robot vacuums made the difficult task of vacuum cleaning chore as easy as pushing a button. Alexa integration of Robot Vacuums like iRobot Roomba 690 and iRobot Roomba 960 ensures that your job gets done just by your voice command. The best part is that You Alexa can even locate the little buggers for you.

Security Camera:

Connect Alexa control to Wi-Fi security camera that not only allows you to view live feeds on some Alexa-connected devices but you can also turn them on and off according to the need. Our favorite indoor security cameras accept commands through Alexa to disable the privacy mode or to start recordings.

Doorbell Cameras:

Smart doorbell cameras, like SkyBell HD, can follow the commands of Alexa to take a quick snapshot or video and turn the doorbell on and off.

Media Streaming Devices:

There are many smart media streaming devices that work best with Alexa and allow you to access your Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu but the Amazon Fire TV Stick is the most compact model that comes with the power of Alexa.

Kitchen Appliances:

Alexa's kitchen utility is still limited. It can only set the timer and read the recipe for you. However, some appliances have already begun to integrate voice controls for success in the near future.

With Alexa by our side, we no doubt are living a luxurious life like never before!


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