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Ask a person about what they like to eat and love to dig in whenever they are feeling low, damn sure they will breathlessly name many things without any hesitation.

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Happiness, sadness, Feeling stressed, Treating your friends, heart break, alone, together whatever situation it may be, but one thing which is undoubtedly always constant is “Food” which are our “Desires” our “Cravings”.

Ask a person about what they like to eat and love to dig in whenever they are feeling low, damn sure they will breathlessly name many things without any hesitation.

And now to take these food cravings to a next level for an instant serving for your taste buds many food delivery apps are coming up with inclusive of different food chains and ample amount of discounts, offers and rewards. And undoubtedly Food delivery apps are shaping towards the fast future. With only few taps on screen we can explore and treat our cravings with delicious food from different restaurants, different cuisines, whatever you think of and it’s there on demand!

Here are some of these must try Food Delivery applications for 2020 which are meant to be the best service providers when it comes to food Delivery –

Door Dash:

Door Dash is one of an “On-Demand” food delivery service. They get you deliver your favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner from your favorite restaurants all around. And the best thing about Door Dash is they even get alcoholic beverages from your favorite breweries.

Also you get your first order delivery free!


Why not take your favorite restaurant at home that too with pocket friendly prices instead of stepping out and getting stuck in traffic and give a waiting time for your hunger. Grubhub is having 50,000+ restaurants in 1100+ cities. Just take effort to choose your favorite restaurant and cuisines to get your food delivered straight to you.

Its delivery fee varies according to the restaurant from which you are ordering.

Uber Eats:

Firstly Uber and now when the cab giant wanted to look into the food delivery service Uber Eats came into existence. They launched their app with enormous amount of offers, coupons, Promo codes and etc. which took over the craze for ordering more and more. It is a very friendly app with live tracking and easy payments options both offline and online.

Food Delivery fee for this app differs as per the distance to be covered, but it’s very nominal.


Seamless which is formerly known as Seamless Web, is a food delivery app service which is part of the Grubhub brand. It offers an app and an online service both. Seamless gives you the ability to order food from nearby favourite restaurants, cafes, and popular fast food locations near your specific area for both pick-up and delivery too.

The delivery charges required are flat rates and do not vary.


Zomato is one of an app which has continued to deliver better food for more people. It was firstly launched in India and currently serving in its food delivery services in 24 Countries, which has surely created a craze among people with its highly managed Hygiene and Quality which are two things that holds high priority by this app.


Seeking for Food, Groceries or even Alcohol? Then Postmates is one of the great option! It gets your cravings delivered to you from over 10000+ restaurants, retail shops and breweries. And the best part about Postmates is that they offer “Postmates Unlimited” for $9.99 a month, where you can get a $0 delivery fee on all orders if you cross over your cart by $20.


This service is a great combination of both a delivery service of meal kit and a food delivery app. And Munchery provides meals at a very low cost than the similar dishes at restaurant. And the most beautiful thing about this app is that, on every meal you purchase, they will donate a meal to person in need. It has some membership fee included but it is really worth it! 

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