Germany Takes a Chance (Not a Risk) on the Blockchain, and Here's How

By being smart: they're simply asking for a consultation.

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Isn't that the way to go when researching and shopping for something new these days? You get a consultation. Seriously, we consumers have been doing that for generations. You want to learn about gold mining? You get consulted by one of those big burly men with a pickaxe and learn from the best. When the computer first came out, we're pretty sure the next big-idea person wanted to jump on that bandwagon and learn how to ride the gravy train till the sun came up, but you weren't going to go too far without learning how to operate one, much less how to access the Internet and surf the web.

Of Course, the Same Is Happening With the Blockchain: People Want to Know MORE

And it turns out a particular country, Germany, is in line to actively learn more, among other things --



The nation has recently opened up a process in Berlin as the one hub for many startup companies, so that should clue you in and light up your bulbs as far as where this could go. We're talking about potentially 170 startup companies in a country known for innovative startup business revolution, and you better believe the blockchain sits at the top of that revolution.

From automotive, to pharmaceuticals, to energy, and administration in the public sector, the blockchain could very well go mass market as the experts in the burgeoning tech get to have their brains picked by the biggest and brightest in Germany, which could herald the most prepared adopters in the world.

Those Blockchain Startups, However, Must Make Sure They Have Legalities in Place

Pioneering isn't easy. And we're for sure expecting the German government to urge caution toward blockchain tech and cryptocurrency as it continues to develop. WHERE ARE YOU SITTING AT WITH THE BLOCKCHAIN? SIGN UP FOR A FREE VIGYAA ACCOUNT AND LET US KNOW!

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