Five Reasons Why Men Lose Interest In A Relationship

Lack of intimacy, feeling, and care are the reasons why men lose interest in a relationship. Read here to know more!

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Society still feels that men are tough and super characters. “Men can’t be bothered with emotional problems”, is a general assumption which is but, as senseless as diving into the ocean without oxygen.

Five Reasons Why Men Lose Interest In A Relationship

Men may lose interest in having a relationship because they tend to be bothered with the tiniest and silliest things happening around them. Though every psychological battle that men go through can be sorted out. Sometimes women feel they can help their partner to face those battles but a lot of positive thinking and patience are required to help that. There are some reasons why men lose interest in a relationship like: -

1. Intimacy – The first reason may be when men really like a girl and feel that she is beautiful, confident, had a nice life, and really so much fun to be around with. But the feeling that is more inclined towards physical relationship is not very true. It is always better to let your partner wait for physical intimacy. A man is not going to ever see your worth just because you have slept with him. And moreover, the physical side of the relationship isn’t the main attraction for a woman. For a man, sex does not an equal relationships. Sex and relationships are two completely different things that have nothing to do with one another. What makes a man see your worth and have strong feelings for you is something other than sex and physical attraction. The act of sex only does not speak for your strong relationship, trust, and a good feeling for you. You must be very clear about it whether the relationship is just for fun and connection is more serious.

2. Lack of clear expression of feelings- Another reason for which man loses interest in a woman is that you don’t clearly don’t express your feelings and what kind of relationship you want. Every feeling you want for your partner should be made clear at the beginning only and must wait for the response of the man. Sometimes one feels it would be weird if you explain each and every feeling in the beginning or at an initial stage of your relationship but practically it is better to explain the things clearly and openly before you go into a serious relationship.

3. Lack of interest from the side of the man- Sometimes, A woman feels used in case, she develops a physical bond with a man and the man lands up not having any interest in dating or stepping forward in the relationship. You must be clear in your mind that the man was just playing with you. the main reason is on the part of the man. He is just a player and not ready for a healthy relationship. This kind of feeling is frustrating and difficult for a woman to figure out but, must be faced and you should learn to never blame yourself!

4. One-sided Relationship- If you ended up sleeping with a man but actually you were not in a relationship with him you are okay with it and feel that it will be a good thing. And later on, you started to freak out with him and found out that the man is not having the same feelings and does not want the relationship to grow. Though you created a lot of expectations from him. And he had not discussed anything with you, in that case, it seems a one-sided relationship.

5. The mind of an extremely ‘masculine’ man- why men act the way they do? Each person has a certain balance of masculine and feminine energy. Man have more masculine energy and females has also that same feminine energy but in addition to that man and woman can have little of both. Feminine energy grows when they got connected to someone and starts developing love towards the opposite gender. This is why women surrender big sacks whereas man has a different formula on which it works. Man does not have a strong drive to be connected to the people around them as compared to a woman. 



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