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HR solutions is an umbrella term relating to all the technology companies use to control personnel. Just as “Human Resources” is a wide-reaching umbrella term, HR solutions can provide a diverse set of characteristics and functions for employee management and reporting.

The use of mobile technology by recruiters and human resources specialists is increasing rapidly. They frequently realize that advanced technology delivers advantages not only to them but also to the employees they help.

Indeed, with the new mobile technology quickly becoming a form of life for modern workers now joining the workforce, HR professionals progressively realize that it is necessary to take account of it.

Here is a look at some of the driving forces and interests behind the increasing use of mobile HR solutions.

Usage Rate and Outreach

The increase in mobile technology is primarily driven by its growing use among the standard population. According to reports those who use smartphones now include more than 80 percent of all those who have cell phones.

As most employees use smartphones for a broad variety of ideas, they become more accustomed to the technology and will be more likely to use it to interact with HR as well as to access and upload HR data.

Another part driving the increase of mobile HR solutions is the growing tendency for business executives to interact through smartphones with employees and consumers. They do so within social networking applicability and mobile-optimized websites.

When it comes to hiring, HR professionals check out websites such as LinkedIn or manage recruitment apps to get employees with the skills that they need. It makes sense, therefore, that you should use the same mobile technology that is being adopted by executives and workers alike.



As the use of mobile HR technology advances, it will increase the productivity of HR professionals as well as representatives in several ways.

As an HR professional, mobile technology can help you in many ways. For example, there is no longer a need to be bound to your office telephone or your desktop computer to answer questions, give advice or even give decisions.

By presenting data on work issues, pay and benefits open to employees through their smartphones, you no longer would require to spend large amounts of time on these issues. Instead, you can give more of your time to planning and different administrative tasks.

Also, employees can use their smartphones to present claims, upload expense reports, ask time off, and submit timesheets. The outcome is an overall boost to productivity and performance.

Ease of Access

Paperwork hogs business office filing cabinets, desktops and is exposed to theft and damage. Luckily, cloud technology allows an easy solution to this dilemma.

Storing data on cloud services, such as the famous Microsoft OneDrive, allows a faster and easier way to data such as employee information. The most significant advantage of such assistance is that uploaded data is not subject to hard-drive or different computer failures. They allow the storage of vast quantities of data that can be obtained anywhere and anytime.

If you are an HR manager who is usually on the go, you will surely benefit from this cloud technology. Being ready to access essential data from any device, wherever you are, will make your work much more comfortable. Your employees will also mainly appreciate being able to see critical employment data easily.

Using a smartphone, your employees can access data on taxes, retirement contributions, payroll and benefits without having to call you or jump into hoops. Giving easy access for employees to such data over their smartphones is time-saving and useful. No longer do you have to search through batches of files and paperwork to get the data and then to repeat it to them, which raises the possibility of error.

More Effective Recruitment

Recognizing the fact that 86 percent of job seekers who have a smartphone would use it to look for a job, it’s safe to say that organizations would profit from using mobile apps for recruitment.

With the aid of mobile technology, HR managers can make the recruitment method easier, faster and more efficient. Mobile recruitment solutions can allow you to screen resumes, shortlist applicants and also set up interviews when you’re on the go. They can also give you a way to a broader talent pool that will support you to recruit skilled employees.


The mobile solution that brings HR closer to your employees

Darwinbox’s large, robust and agile mobile solution is intended to empower enterprises & take user choice to extreme heights. With speed, efficiency, & service, employees can now stay connected to the business anywhere and anytime. And with modules that cater to every vital & functional aspect of HR management, the whole game can turn for your HR Tech.


You can now find the big openings in your company on mobile and thus, share the referral link through any of the standard social channels as a message or email to an appropriate person or group using your smartphone. You also have the advantage to check the state of your referrals on mobile.

Performance Management:

You can now set your goals, and enjoy the control of feedback continuously and in actual time. With the performance review on mobile, extensive performance management software is possible without any hassles! Job interview or project meeting feedback is as big as it is quick. With mobile, now you can share feedback in real time and build a culture of responsibility at your workplace. The readily accessible conversational feedback on mobile makes the application even more fascinating.


No matter what the action, all you have to do is merely ask Darwin - our brand new HR voice-bot. Not only does it decrease time to work, gives you a way to intelligence and improves process adherence, it also helps your employees be more involved and empowered. All you have to do is say what you need, and Darwin will do it for you. Now encounter the power of AI and ML at the control of your workforce.

Here are some more exciting features:


Notice- Board

HR Documents

Request and Task

Final Thoughts

As more and more people use smartphones for all perspectives of their lives, HR professionals understand that the technology can enhance their services to employees and free up their time to focus on other issues, such as planning and administration.

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