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As a mortgage holder, you need your home (counting your kitchen) to be a portrayal of you, which means standing out from the group. Regardless of whether your style is current, conventional, provincial, or a blend all your own, interesting woodwork can be both delightful and valuable.


It's essential to acknowledge, however, that not every intriguing wood are appropriate for a kitchen. Some are reasonable for an assortment of employments in the kitchen, however, others are most certainly not. For the nuts and bolts, look at these 5 intriguing kinds of wood that function admirably in the kitchen.

Best Exotic Woods for Kitchens

On the off chance that you are looking for woods for your custom kitchen, this rundown is an incredible spot to begin.


As its name recommends, tigerwood has a lovely striped example with warm orange and yellow suggestions.

As an especially hardwood, tigerwood is strong enough to deal with all the existence that occurs in your family's kitchen.

One of the most appealing advantages of tigerwood, however, is its protection from shape and organism. Dampness can cause a reiteration of issues for wood, and in such a dampness overwhelming room as the kitchen, these highlights will enable your wood to last and restrain your support.


Wenge is particularly speaking to those with increasingly current tastes. The lavishly dim shading and smooth, fine grain join the glow of normal wood with a smooth contemporary style.

Wenge cupboards are additionally solid enough to withstand the run of the mill action that occurs in the kitchen. That settles on wenge an extraordinary decision for cupboards, however for butcher squares, bar tops, and ledges too.


Teak has been becoming well known as a prevalent extravagance decision as of late and your kitchen is the ideal space for it.

This wood is normally high in oils, which encourages it to oppose dampness (and all the shape, mold, and other harm that accompanies it).



Bubinga wood is one of the lesser-known outlandish woods. It's an extraordinary method to spruce up any kitchen.

Starting in West Africa, this tree has a one of a kind ruddy shading, yet it can extend from an increasingly orange tint to a profound, dim red. Over the first look, Bubinga is a truly strong wood that will endure pretty much anything your family tosses at it.


Presumably the most notable extravagance wood, mahogany wood is frequently utilized in work areas, seats, and other family room furniture.

Mahogany is on the gentler side so it's more helpful for cupboards than for butcher squares and ledges. At the point when it's utilized fittingly and made well, mahogany can give any room a really rich look.

Step by step instructions to Start Customizing Your Kitchen with Exotic Woods

To really feel at "home" in your home, you have to give it your style. A custom kitchen is an incredible begin. The initial step is selecting a portion of the completions and styles you like.

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