Ethics of living and working in a culturally different country especially in Middle East:

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As we are advancing in the twenty first century we are coming more and more close to each other. The distances among the people started to vanish slowly with the advent of internet, but before that the only things that brought people together who were living far apart from each other was trade. In the older times traders were the first people who discovered many places as they went outside their own country to sell their goods and materials. This idea, although old, is still applicable in the recent times. Due to the globalized economy these days, people are moving out of their own lands to explore options for themselves and this in turn is bringing people of different cultures live together.

First of all, the most important thing to understand is why are people moving in different countries? This question could be answered in a number of ways including the idea that many countries provide better living resources for the people. At times the job market of the target country is better than that of the parent country of the person and lastly the prospects of business development could be attractive enough to make a person leave his own country and set up his business in another one. But there are people who forget completely how they are going to respect the boundaries of the people of a country. This is a problem that arises specifically when people from west move to countries like UAE and they have to make a lot of changes in their behavior. But there is no harm in changing if you know that it is worth what you are going to get. Obviously no deal is made one way. You have to give something if you are expecting something in return. That is what makes learning ethics something very important.

When it comes to finding better opportunities for jobs and better laws that are more supportive towards business, people find it convenient to move to Middle Eastern countries, in particular, to United Arab Emirates. UAE is well known for its easy and supportive laws towards business. The country does not burden the entrepreneurs and other businessmen with huge taxes as they want people from all around the world to invest in their country. For this reason they have developed many free zones and mainland for the people to choose from and find out their best options. There had been a huge influx of people who are moving for company formation in Dubai and it is one of the most important and densely populated free zone of the country.

But when people from different cultures, especially the cultures with liberal views, started coming to UAE they had to face certain things and understand the sentiments of the local people of that country. He locals in UAE are mostly Muslims and although they allow many different activities in the country, at times they get offended when people stop respecting their general cultural ethics. For example many people at times forget that Muslim communities do not like too revealing dressing. So wear the clothes that are both easy and comfortable for you and also for the people around you. You can’t expect to make others around you uncomfortable knowing that you are in their place. Obviously being pro-choice is one thing but not being able to respect what other societies demand from you even when you are not a part of that society is wrong.

For the businessmen who have set up their industries in UAE have to employ a big labor force. The laborers are at times the locals or people coming from surrounding countries which are of Muslim origin too. Hence most of the people that you will be recruiting are Muslims and there are certain things that you have to understand about the Muslim employees. They need a break for the prayer that all Muslims offer 5 times a day. If you do not allow them to have this break, you will be offending a lot of people and hurting their religious sentiments. Also you have to give them holidays for the religious festivals along with providing them with easier conditions to work in, especially during the month of Ramadan. This will not only increase your value in the hearts of your employees but also, it will make them respect you and in turn work harder and better for you.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is to respect women in the Arab countries and give them the space they require. Most of the women do not like hanging out freely with random strangers so you have to make sure that you do not force anyone. Even if you want to greet a woman you are not supposed to just go and hug them. You have to wait to see how comfortable they are. Knowing a company formation group in Dubai can make you aware of all these things. At times people do go for a hug or a handshake but at times they do not like any kind of physical contact. You have to understand that is because of their religious and cultural believes and you should not be offended by it.

Lastly, it is a great thing to bring in your own culture and values and try to make people understand them and at times adopt them too, but you have to understand that no one can completely change a culture into his own. You cannot expect people to change their ways according to you and they only person who has the burden of adjusting in a different culture is you. But it is not that bad a thing at the end of the day, you learn a lot of things and this makes it a win-win situation. You just have to broaden your perspective and accept things the way they are. Once you are good with it life would be easier. Do not stress out. Just keep faith and do what seems right.  

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