Essential Features of Dedicated Server Provider

Dedicated server windows offer companies with the high-performance, large storage solution for hosting their applications.

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When upgrading to a hosted dedicated server, it is vital to know that not every dedicated server is the same and neither the hosting solutions offered by service providers. Since it can be challenging to understand the key features to look for while choosing a dedicated windows server; thus, here’s a list of the essential features of a dedicated server provider.

Operating System Choices

One of the most critical factors in choosing a dedicated solution is the freedom to choose your operating system. The applications you need for your organization may require a particular type of operating system. Also, in certain circumstances, the software you use may only be compatible with a legacy OS version. Thus, make sure the hosting provider you choose enables you to run the OS that you need.

Server Configuration

It’s not just the choice of the operating system, which is important; another essential requirement is the ability to have total control over the server so that you can configure it according to your requirements.

Control Panel Options

Having an excellent control panel of dedicated server windows makes it easier for you to manage your server and applications that you run on it. While vanilla control panels might be sufficient for some organizations, many benefit from using a cPanel & WHM (for Linux servers only) or Plesk (for both Windows and Linux servers).

Easy to navigate and with a vast range of incredibly powerful, built-in management tools, cPanel and Plesk are the leading control panels of the industry that are used by millions of businesses across the globe.

Hardware Choices

A dedicated server window can be expensive; therefore, it is vital to always look for a hosting solution that provides plenty of hardware options. This will give you a hardware setup which has the capacity and performance capabilities that you will require, without paying for something that is far more powerful than you need.

Server Management

Outsourcing server management to the service provider will not only make things easier for you but also it would significantly save you in the long run. The services offered will include OS updates, application installation, patching, and server monitoring. Server monitoring consistently checks the health and performance of your server to ensure that it remains in top condition.


If in case your server gets hacked, your IT operations will go offline, putting your company at a standstill. If there is a data breach, there is also a huge risk of fines, reputational damage, and customers taking legal action. This is the reason around 60% of hacked companies usually go out of business within six months.

Therefore, security should be a decisive factor while choosing a dedicated server window. You need to consider everything from location to physical security of the datacenter to range of the security features your host provider is offering as a part of your package and as an additional service.

High Availability

If your server runs some important applications, you can’t afford for it to be going offline because the consequences could be disastrous. Thus, it is essential to choose a hosting provider which can guarantee high availability, say your server is staying online for 99.95% of the time or higher.

First Class Technical Support

There are a lot of times when your IT team will need the technical support of your service provider to carry out a task or to troubleshoot an issue. Make sure this support is an inclusive part of your contract with your hosting provider and most importantly, 24*7 availability via phone, email, live chat or ticket because obviously, you can’t wait for too long for getting your issue fixed.

However, technical support is completely different from customer support. By technical, it means having a specialist IT team available who can provide solutions at the point of contact. These specialists will have the required expertise and will be actively able to deal with any issue.

Apart from person to person assistance, a reputed hosting provider also publishes a range of helpful online resources to their customers.


Dedicated server windows offer companies with the high-performance, large storage solution for hosting their applications. However, to get the best out of your dedicated server, you must consider the number of options, such as your choice of operating system, your freedom to configure the server as required, hardware and control panel, the security, server management, and technical support put in place by the provider and the offered guaranteed uptime.

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