Electric Company Cars Get a Tax Incentive in Germany

And you better believe that's a big bonus for the economy over there.

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Think about what it means to boost the industry in that way: Germany happens to be beautiful business for automotive, so in the advent of electric cars and hybrids, we're looking at a tremendous shift in technology that could affect the entire world. The original plan in the country, of course, was to end the tax support in 2021. However....

That All Has Changed: Now Tax Support Extends for a Whole Ten Years


The point of using electric automotive and hybrids is to improve air quality, emphasize the environment. However, if you live in Germany, you get an extra benefit: a tax cut. If you happen to own and drive an electric car, you'll be paying less taxes than someone driving your traditional gas guzzler with a combustion engine.

This is just one of several pieces of trending news happening there that could start a strange domino effect, good or bad, progressing the technological economy with respect to automotive advancement. Already as it stands, Germany subsidy schemes have bolstered sales of electric cars dramatically, so it makes sense -- the question is will it filter out to all of the countries?

It could be the shift the industry wants to see.

Electric Cars Have Been Trending for Years

But that's all they've been doing: trending. They're not even at the spot that drone technology currently sits at, but that may soon change. The interest is growing -- but this may turn from interest into necessity very soon especially as the world's environment continues to fluctuate. Let's see it happen! I'm all for just plugging my car into an outlet versus messing with petrol.

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