Effective ways to Improve patient engagement in your healthcare clinic

Here are some effective ways that a healthcare industry can follow to improve patient engagement.

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The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. It is predicted to reach Rs. 28,000 Crore by the end of 2020, employing more than 40 million people and catering to more than 8 million people. The medical tourism in India is also predicted to grow by 22% to 25% by 2019-20 with a growth trajectory of Rs. 1000 Crore sector.

Such a significant increase is thanks to a rising income level, better health awareness, and the progress in services offered by medical facilities. Doctors now have access to better and improved equipment that helps with accurate diagnostics as well as enhanced patient engagement solutions that allow them to engage with individuals in a productive manner.

Patient engagement as an essential part of healthcare

It is an integral part of healthcare services that help a patient make informed decisions about their healthcare services. The improvement in medical services introduced a transparent and efficient system that engaged the treatment seeker in a decision-making process. Patient engagement promotes such mutual understanding and accountability between patients and healthcare providers.

Studies show that doctors who encourage patients in active engagement regarding their treatment achieve a better result in the same given period. This had led to a significant number of healthcare specialists to implement better patient management technology in their clinics.

Here’s how to implement it

There are several methods healthcare professionals can follow to implement better patient-doctor engagement. Here are some of the most effective ways.

1- Foster strong patient-doctor communication – Active and open communication between a doctor and patient is one of the essential parts of building better engagement between the 2 parties. Communication over any means, for example, phone, mail, or even text, can create a personal touch to improve patient satisfaction. Informing them about the progression of treatment also allows them to take active control of their health, especially during chronic diseases.

2- Patient-centric care – Effective communication will also allow a healthcare professional to understand any outcome desired by a patient. Such patient engagement will allow you to understand and prepare the resources necessary to accomplish them. It can significantly improve the clinical outcome and patient satisfaction levels. It is one of the most effective tips for better patient engagement.

3- Implement the latest technology – You can integrate modern technology like telephone communication, mobile healthcare, and a dedicated patient management software or patient portal to create a convenient way to boost doctor-patient engagement. Patients will have access to their important documents and progression of their treatment round the clock and can reach the necessary healthcare providers when in need.

However, creating and maintaining a dedicated line of communication might require a certain amount of investment from the professional’s side. These include the funds required to construct and implement the system and the monthly charge to keep it online. You can opt for an advance to pay for the requirement without straining your budget.

Patient engagement is an active method to increase interaction, relations, and communication between a healthcare professional and a patient. It is one of the most proven ways to initiate the growth of an individual or an establishment providing medical care.

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