Drones Do Health Aid Better Than Anybody Else, and Here's the Proof

Watch out. This article might make you cry.

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You easily wouldn't expect that some dinky little article on technology -- especially drone technology -- would touch your heart in such a way. But that's just how the concept of technological innovation rolls. It's not simply about something that's just cool; it's all about helping humanity. So read on: and be sure to get your Kleenex ready.

Meet Joy Nowai -- She's a 1-Month African Child -- Who Was Just Saved by a Drone. Literally.


We're not sugar-coating that either. In fact, if it wasn't for a drone -- the machine flying around like a tiny little helicopter, Joy most likely would've gotten so sick and died mercilessly. You see, still in this day and age, disease a factor of life or death. If it can't be dealt with, you die.

Joy was at that moment. It was all or nothing. The sad fact is many believed it would be all about nothing given she resides in the remote South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu -- not exactly a hop, skip and a jump away from a hospital or urgent care.

But thanks to drone technology, Joy Nowai is now the first person to ever be immunized with valuable vaccine. Received by drone transportation via an Australian company known as Swoop Aero, this child managed to survive with the efforts of UNICEF supporting the funds to supply the drone with the package.

That's not all -- Joy wasn't the only one. After her, 13 other children and five women were also successfully treated by an RN with the vaccine, and they were indeed protected. If it wasn't for the ability to simply fly a drone in with the medications required, it potentially would've been days, perhaps weeks, before they'd ever see the treatment they need.

You Heard Correctly: Drone Technology May Be Changing the Face of Medical Treatment All Over the World


It'll blow your mind to know that the little drone that could flew an astonishing 31 miles to its destination, just to save some lives. This is huge also given the temperatures on the island, and the drone was equipped with Styrofoam boxes with ice packs. The key here is safety. Security. And swiftness. And it's all thanks to technology innovation. As we speak, Vanuatu is very passionate about incorporating drone technology into its national immunization program. And if you're not at least a little teary-eyed by this, you better believe Joy is, just with copious amounts of, well, joy.

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