Dress Colours Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

Never forget to play up your wardrobe with a little colour. If you are confused which one to buy, this right here is your perfect guide to get started.

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What is the first thing that attracts you when you are looking at a dress? Believe it or not, before you get drawn to its style, the first thing you notice is the colour. It is the unavoidable aspect of any attire and must be taken seriously when planning an outfit of your dreams. It goes without saying that you cannot overlook this feature when you are shopping for dresses.

This is the reason you need to read this article if you are Looking To Buy Western Dresses Online. We will share the must-have colours that will help you narrow down your choices. You need to add these colours to your wardrobe to make your style pop every time you head out!

Neutral shades

Let’s start with the basics. You must keep you wardrobe as neutral as possible. This will help you mix and match things quickly without you having to spend hours in front of the closet wondering what to match and how to wear. This is especially true if you have a lot of bodycon and skater dresses that look best in neutral and pastel shades. Colours like mint green or blush pink are perfect for a midday brunch with your girls. They not only make your outfit look cute but also sophisticated, subtle, and sassy. Throw on a denim jacket on a spring night to wear it for movies or shopping with your girlfriends.


Black is the reigning king of your wardrobe. This colour is evergreen and something you need in wardrobe in abundance. The black coloured dress or a skirt is an absolute must-have as it can be styled in so many ways. You can wear it as a formal dress or a party wear when you pair it with blingy accessories. Just throw on some matching heels and a handbag to get the desired result. If you don't already have a black dress in your closet, you need to buy one right now.


Just like black, another colour that you must include in your personal style and wardrobe is white. There are so many glamourous and elegant shades of white that it can be tricky to choose the right one. However, to make it easy for you, remember to match cool skin tones with cool shades of white such as crisp white and warm skin tones with warm shades of white such as off-white, ivory etc. A white skater dress with blue denim jacket is the cutest out for a cool summer evening. White is one of those colours that can turn the most basic piece of denim into a stylish evening outfit. All you need to do is top it with a blazer and some wild accessories to complete the look. Whites are the easiest to dress so make them most of it by stuffing your wardrobe with it. If you are on a beach holiday, then consider a white maxi dress that would look perfect with that sunset backdrop!


How can talk about must-have shades in wardrobe and not talk about red. This hue is the best if you want to really step up your style game. Turn up at a party wearing your sassiest red dress and you are guaranteed to steal the show. If you don't have this hue in your closet, we urge you to get one immediately. You can pair red with nude stilettoes or muted golden accessories to create a dramatic look. Just play around and have fun with your look because red speaks volumes about your playful personality.


Are you feeling blue? Get over your mood blues by dressing up in mustard, especially If you are dusky or brown because this shade will charm your skin tone like a dream. It is a happy colour that is almost always in vogue. The colour always manages to cause sensation in the fashion industry and is almost always recommended by the fashion experts. Its subtle appeal and gorgeous tones are perfect to match the happy, sunny weather of your beach holiday. Slip into a mustard coloured dress and become one with the sun!


Go wild with peppy tangerine! This colour is enough to bring spotlight on to you on any occasion. Tangerine is a tricky shade to pull off but when you do, you will own the ensemble like a boss lady. So up your fashion game and find something playful in tangerine. Above are some hues that are almost always in fashion.

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