Do You Know There Are Edutainment Video Games For Adults?

There are different means from which video games can be useful and beneficial, let that be education too.

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Is it so that Video Games are just for kids or teens? Else video games are just for the sake of entertainment and are played just to kill time? Yes! BUT only in earlier days where there were limited options for Video Games which were simply used for entertainment purpose.

“Mario” “Contra” “Adventure Island” don’t these games give you a nostalgia? Don’t these names just make you feel that “Those were the days”? But now the definition of Video Games has changed, it is just not limited up to Entertainment. 

We have been moved on to the notion that video games are just for kids and teens which can be just played for entertainment which is now even be used for “Edutainment”.

So here are some Video Games which can benefit adults from Educational point of view –

Contraption Maker –

This game is the remake of the famous game named “The Incredible Machine (TIM)”. In which you can gain knowledge about building machines via which you have to reach the goals which are assigned to you.

The Typing of the Dead: Overkill –

This game improves your typing on keyboard. The gist of the game is that – you walk and the zombies come to you and the task is that you have to type the words which are displayed on the screen before the zombies and monster get to you.

Kerbal Space Program –

This video game is completely based on Physics and Engineering. Adults who are interested in space and building rockets, this is a treat in itself for you. In this game there are cute little humanoids whom we have to help to develop space program by helping them to build and fly rockets.

It is a type of video game where educators can also use it to teach the students understand concepts about physics and engineering basics and how they affect the viability of rocket in an engaging way.

Space Chem –

It’s a puzzle game which focuses on Chemistry and Programming where you are tasked with programming the automation of chemically bonding atoms and molecules together in order to power reactors for different varying and increasing complex reasons. The programming is done by utilizing a visual interface in an open end way which allows for a next level of creativity and experimentation.

The game manipulate real chemical elements in the puzzle and the bonding mechanics which is used are a bit simplified version just to make ease of accessibility. As you succeed gradually, more and more concepts are added in the puzzle which makes its more interesting and demanding.

Code Combat –

It is a video game which is aimed mainly towards teaching the players a set of coding languages which includes of Python, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. In a way it’s the best way to learn multiple coding languages through practical demonstration. It also have an access to tips, which makes it easy for an inexperienced people to learn fast and keep pace with lessons.

Civilization VI –

The Civilization VI is latest version, wherein this game is been into history for around now 25 year. This game is all about strategy and building a mighty civilization from a group of settlers to a global superpower which is trying to beat civilizations to victory by proper use of culture, military, diplomacy and science.

There is also a valuable resource for learning historical details from our past. It uses the “Civilopedia” which is to be accessed during playing to know the detailed historical descriptions for every technology and cultural landmark in the game.

Poly Bridge –

Poly Bridge is a game based upon Engineering and Physics mainly focusing on bridge construction simulator which allows you to solve complex problems. The player here has the opportunity to learn more about the laws and material to be used while construction. Because if improperly formed, they collapse.


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