Different Marketing Tools for WhatsApp Digital Marketing

Around the world, billions of people are scrolling through various posts on social media, using apps like GPS and store locators, shopping online for almost every product they need, and reading the various customer reviews before deciding their purchases.

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Digital marketing is trending right now, thanks to the increasing use of and dependence on the internet and smartphones by users. Around the world, billions of people are scrolling through various posts on social media, using apps like GPS and store locators, shopping online for almost every product they need, and reading the various customer reviews before deciding their purchases. 



Having a credible presence on the internet is important for a business to explore new markets and expand the customer base. Digital marketing is different from traditional marketing in many ways.

For one, the results of digital marketing can be seen in realtime. Enterprises do not have to wait for days or weeks for the promotional campaign to take off and for the users to know about it. A message shared on the internet can travel across the globe in just a few hours.

Scheduling limited period offers, flash sales that stay live for 12-48 hours, running clearance sales on the social media page or websites, etc. are some of the ways in which enterprises can promote a product for a short time with effective results. Let us discuss a few WhatsApp marketing tools that are effectively used for digital marketing.

It comes as no surprise that WhatsApp is the first name on the list. The app has more than 1.5 billion users throughout the world. Millions of new users are joining the app every day. From sending text messages to making voice and video calls, the app is being extensively used by users of all age groups and economic classes in society.  

The best WhatsApp marketing tool could be any of the following or a combination of all methods of marketing on WhatsApp. That is because the app itself is the best tool for marketing a brand. The response rate on WhatsApp is as high as 90% when compared to other such applications. 

WhatsApp allows direct communication between enterprises and their customers. Customers find it easier to talk or chat with a person representing the brand on WhatsApp. 

There are many ways in which an enterprise can promote the business on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business has been developed specially for business enterprises and has features that will help enterprises in planning marketing strategies. 

Use Quick Replies

Enterprises can create templates with standard replies to frequently asked questions.

When a customer asks a question, they can use the shortcut key to enter the message instead of typing the same answer each time.

Welcome greetings, thank you messages, ‘not available’ messages, etc. can be saved and shared with customers using the messaging tools feature.

Cross-Platform Communication

WhatsApp provides one of the best cross-platform promotion and communication tools. A message sent on WhatsApp can be with anybody on any platform.

The WhatsApp message can be posted to the news feed on social media, sent as a text message, and shared with non-WhatsApp users with ease.

It makes it easy for customers to promote their favorite products among their circles. Customers tend to bring more customers using this method.

Messages and posts shared on other platforms can also be shared on WhatsApp to spread the word.

WhatsApp Groups

Enterprises can add up to 256 contacts in each WhatsApp group. There is no limit to the number of groups an enterprise can create.

Creating a group for different products and services, sharing the group code on social media, and send invites to existing customers to encourage them to join the groups is a way to connect with many customers at once.

Posting a message in the group will enable all members of the group to read the message. The latest feature where the admins of the group can control the group posts so that only they can post will keep the groups free from unwanted messages and spam.

This will ensure that customers do not get irritated by hundreds of unwanted messages and exit the group.

WhatsApp Status Messages

The status message feature can be used to attract users’ attention. Sharing images and videos about products and services, posting flash sales, etc. will promote the business by creating a sense of urgency in the users.

As the status message stays active only for 24 hours, users will want to make most of the time and purchase the products.

Introducing new products, or creating a hype about the latest product releases by sharing images, behind-the-scene videos, etc. will excite the customers.

Customers can reply to the status messages and ask for more information. WhatsApp statuses are a great way to generate customer-initiated messages.

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the best digital marketing tools in the industry, and it is here to stay for a long time. 


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