Debunking the 6 major myths about Root Canal Treatment

There’s a lot of myths people support when it comes to root canal treatment. But not anymore! These 6 common myths are now ready to get debunked. Let’s get into it.

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Root canal treatment is the most effective treatment to seal off the damaged, diseased and dead nerve in the root canal of the tooth. The damaged pulp is taken out and the hollow space is cleaned. It is then shaped and filled by sealing. Damaged tooth must be treated soon to avoid any other disease leap into your bloodstream.

There’s a lot of myths that have been circulated on root canal in London. In this post we will solve out the rumors. Let’s get started!


Is root canal painful?

The treatment doesn’t cause any pain. It’s an infection that causes you more pain. Root canal treatment is done to reduce the pain. The entire procedure is painless. Your dentist will give you a local anaesthesia which will numb your tooth and you will be completely unknown of the pain.

Removing of tooth nerve won’t give me any more pain

People opine that root canal treatment will save them for the rest of their life by not having any pain. They think that the treated tooth will no longer hurt them after the procedure. This isn’t true! After the root canal process, your teeth will no longer be sensitive to hot or cold beverages but your tooth may have sensitivity for a few days even after the treatment. Your dentist may prescribe you some medications which will help in reducing the inflammation.

Is root canal treatment necessary when I have to lose my teeth?

Root canal treatment doesn’t mean that you have to have your tooth removed in any way. In a lot of cases, root canal treatment is done by saving the tooth.

If I don't have any pain, do I need a root canal?

If your teeth is absolutely fine despite the damaged pulp, you still need root canal treatment. Your dentist can see the actual condition of your teeth and even if you have no pain at all, they will always recommend you to fix your tooth by sealing them off. A lot of damaged pulp don’t tend to hurt but the damage is still there. Ignoring it would mean you are inviting more infection to stick and pass to all your healthy teeth.

Is root canal mean removing the entire root of my tooth?

Root canal treatment seals off the damaged pulp of your teeth. The main goal of root canal is to save your tooth and not to remove it. Neither your root nor your tooth are removed. It is very important to remove the damaged pulp. If left untreated, it can lead to dental infection which will form into dental abscess. The dental abscess takes no time in ruining the surrounding areas of your jawbone. Such infection causes severe pain.

Once the treatment is done, am free!

Root canal treatment involves many steps and you need to take many appointments to get the process done as per your situation. If the dentist calls for more than one appointment then he will temporarily fill the opening. At last, the tooth is restored in its original shape. This takes place by placing a crown over the tooth. Further, the condition of the root canal is monitored through radiographs (x-rays) of affected teeth.

Hence, never ignore the signs of your tooth discomfort. Get in touch with a root canal treatment specialist in London and seal your tooth in the most secure way. 

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