Daimler AG and BMW Team Up to Tackle Self-Driving Technology

Things are about to get wild now with automotive technology.

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Hold your automated horses, though. No need to panic thinking that the robots are going to take over and crash cars in buildings due to hacking or self-aware terminators. And definitely no Johnny Cabs to worry about. Rather a report came in that Daimler AG and BMW will be allying together simply to define self-driving rules in an effort to prepare for the upcoming technological transition.

After All, It's a Big Step Forward, But Currently No One Knows What to Make of the Techno-Innovation Known as "Self-Driving"


It's still a bit of a "pipe dream," although we can see and feel that pipe quite well. We're still not sure what to do with it, yet.

The issue here is cost: Daimler and BMW want to set the record straight and determine the industry standards, which may shape the rest of the industry moving forward. How much are self-driving cars going to cost? How much should they cost? What should be regulated? Lots of questions to ask, and even more effort to answer them.

BMW board member Klaus Froehlich himself stated: "It is a chicken and egg situation. Somebody has to standardize the technology and regulation will follow."

The concern arises as development costs continue to go up for this enterprising technology. To ensure adopters don't go way over their heads, industry leaders really do need to band together and determine sort of a framework on how to proceed, because in the end everyone benefits: adopters, manufacturers, dealers, contractors, providers, and customers alike.

More Importantly, Regulation Is Key Given the Fact That Now Accident Responsibility Won't Actually Fall on the Driver


In fact, they'll fall on the manufacturer! This affects everything: insurance, cost, premiums, lawsuits. Personal injury law may change dramatically. After looking at the metrics on how many accidents occur per year, it remains evident that if drivers are completely removed from the equation, the only reason for accidents would be a glitch, bug or error on the part of the programmer or manufacturer of a system designed to operate autonomously and independently.

Breaking down the what-ifs certainly paints a very complex picture. Knowing those expectations and theories are in place, it's clear that the automotive leaders in technology really do need to sit down and, well, talk things out.

In Short, You're Looking at the New Pioneers of Self-Driving Technology

Diamler AG and BMW: they will be the ones to set the standard. And everything else will follow. You're witnessing history. Soon we may be sitting in cars that will be driving themselves, and, of course, wearing sneakers that will lace themselves up, too. What are your thoughts on self-driving technology? SIGN UP FOR A FREE VIGYAA ACCOUNT AND WRITE OUT YOUR OPINIONS RIGHT NOW!

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