Cool techniques for changing chords quickly on guitar

The most common problem guitarists face is how to move between chords quicker so there's no missed beats.

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The most common problem guitarists face is how to move between chords quicker so there are no missed beats. While the answer is “practice”, but many still face problem while chords transition like missing beats, rhythm, etc.. While watching your favorite guitarist play, it always gives us this feeling as to “how they are doing it”, right? That's because of their efficiency and dedication towards their instrument. When playing guitar, eliminating extra movement allows you to cover more space faster. Finding the perfect chords shape and the movement between them is what can make you change chords easily. Don't freak out. Good guitar playing is about thinking less, and practice more. So, if you want to increase your chords changing efficiency, you might wanna follow these cool techniques below:

● Finding the perfect gap between the strings and fingers on the fret

Small things can affect your guitar playing. In this first technique, try to keep your fingers as close to the strings such that they should never be more than a half inch or so from the strings. Try to play some songs or exercises and watch how far your fingers are coming off the fretboard. Practice those chords and find the perfect shape so that the fingers can be placed perfectly on the fretboard, i.e. not too far, not too close as well.

● Practice plucking the strings from the bottom strings

Whenever you get a good grip on chords, you check the sound of that chord by plucking or by strumming the strings to find out whether its sounding clean or not. But, in fact, if you want to build the confidence in chords switching, start plucking the bottom strings initially so that the fingers on the upper strings can settle on time which can eventually increase your muscle memory and will help you a lot to make your brain understand the functions of strumming hand and chord hand respectively.

● Coordination between Right hand & Left hand:

Your strumming hand should move like a pendulum - down up, or in other strums patterns as well. As soon as you change chords, your right-hand stops strumming, right? It is because a subconscious message is sent to your right hand because of the slow movement of your left hand. In the beginning, while practicing, If one hand stops, so the other also stops. So to remove this problem, Practice in such a way that your strumming hand should continue playing even if the chord hand stops. This will increase the efficiency of changing the chords quickly.

● The most important tip - “PRACTICE”

All these techniques will be of no use if your don’t practice them regularly. Practice does take time to make things perfect and playing guitar will make you understand this phrase at its deep. Whenever you get tired of playing, take a break, refresh yourself and start again until you don’t become a master in the task. After getting a good hold, try learning some songs like sugarol guitar chords, potta kaatil poovasam chords, etc. to increase your confidence and efficiency in changing chords.

So these were some cool techniques that can help you increase your chords changing speed quickly. Happy Jamming!!


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