Colorful Bindi Design Which Suits You Perfectly

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As we all know that the marriage season is in front of us and we all want to look good by our dressing. One thing which plays an important role in our dressing basically for women is bindi. We want to introduce you some of the design which gives you pretty look or you can say the traditional look. Festive season is gone now but the marriage season is come now so in different marriage you can try the different look to look new and bold.

Round Red Bindi

This one is the most traditional design which you can follow to look traditional in this festive season. It will surely give you the pretty look. It is worn in the middle of the forehead which enhances your inner beauty.

Long Line Bindi

If you have a face in oval shape then you can go with this type of bindi which will gives you the ravishing look as per your face cut. Always wear bindi as per your face then it will surely gives you the perfect look which you must want to get.

Marathi Bindi Design

India is the country of variety where you can find the different in everything a simple bindi design if you talk about that is also change between two states. The Marathi bindi design is just like the half moon. You can also try this design to wear the Banarasi Saree if you want to try something new.

Stone Bindi

This stone bindi will give you the ravishing look for sure. It is worn in the middle of the forehead. This colourful stone design bindi will gives you the blingy look which you will never forget. This bindi wear at the traditional function with the traditional attire.

Layered Design

When you Buy Printed Kurti you can wear this layered design bindi which will gives you the modern look. As per the name it’s made of two different kind of bindi like the simple round bindi decorate with stone or what you can do is you can take two colour bindi as per your dress and then place it on your forehead.

Tilak Bindi Design

This one is also one of the bindi designs which you can choose if you want to experiment with your bindi in this season. This will surely gives you the new look.

Black Round Bindi

This design is basically from Kolkata which will gives you the simple and cute look. This bindi design you can make by your kajal also. It will save you from the evil eye.

Bridal Design

Oho shoping is one of the web sites where you can buy so many products as per your taste and wear the bindi accordingly. Another type of bindi design is the bridal design which will surely gives you the bridal look because it made for the bridal only.

Author by: This blog is done by Chetna Sharma who want to introduce you some of the new design in bindi which you also can try as per your choice and as per face cut.


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