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Explore the world of 3D printing at one of the topmost service providers of India
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vigyaa-How to choose a right blog topic that will drive a ton of traffic to your blog
How to choose a right blog topic that will drive a ton of traffic to your blog
One of the most commonly asked questions among new bloggers -- and sometimes even experienced authors -- is... "What should be my next blog topic?" Here is the first major step in creating an interesting, enlightening and impressionable blog which will actually help engage users on your blog. This is also the stage where everything can go wrong... If you go with the wrong option, you may be stuck writing on a pointless topic for months before realizing it is time to shift on the new topic. A few common mistakes writers make when choosing a topic are: Choosing a subject, they know little about. Selecting something they're not enthusiastic or passionate about. Choosing something that's too diverse -- their blog ends up having an extremely diverse range. Choosing something only because others are making money writing about it. These elements do not make a great blog -- they make up an"okay" blog that typically offers no real advantage to the reader. When you have absolutely no understanding of the use, production process, or advantages of a smart token, contact smart cards, PVC card, or scratch cards... Then why spend your time writing about a contactless smart cards company? It does not make any sense, right? However, while there are plenty of "don'ts" from the world of blogging, there are also quite a few "do's": Start with brainstorming Write down a list of everything which makes you, YOU... Your passions, education, hobbies, skills -- in every area of life --, and adventures. From this list, derive blog topics. In almost all situations, it's easiest to determine topics from something you are acquainted with or have an interest in. However, it is crucial to just pick 1 idea and stick with it... Don't try to use everything on your own brainstorming list. Determine your target audience. Can it be the housewife who desires some strategies for how to simplify matters in the kitchen? Or, is it the teenaged girl who only needs to read her thoughts laid out on paper? Similar to how you chose only one brainstorming idea for your topic, select just one target audience. You can't target every individual being -- simple as that. A 12-year old girl doesn't want or need to read exactly the exact same material as a 65-year older man. You might encounter the rare event where they do both enjoy a handful of posts, but this will not happen most of the time. Take a Look at the Marketplace. As soon as you have determined who your target audience is and what the main direction of your content is, it is time to find out who else is doing it... This is great for determining what sites you are up against for visitors and it also helps you get more blog ideas. As soon as you narrow down your niche and determine your target audience, find sites that are already ranking in that area. Take some of their most successful blog articles and make them your own -- address the other side of the debate, add your own tips, write about your experience... It is clear that people are interested in this type of content, just make it your own to the audience. Get your name out there As soon as you've done all the footwork and have gotten your site up and running with the ideal topic, it's the right time to introduce it to the entire world... One fantastic way to get one foot in the door and begin getting your name out there is by enlisting the support of a guest posting service... A guest posting service will post unique blogs -- as a guest post -- to many different blogs, including backlinks to your website. These backlinks will then help generate visitors to your site. Social networking is also a great place to promote your blog -- always discuss your new blog post on your private page, and company page in case you have it, on well-known sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Bottom-line A few last tidbits of information to keep in mind to your first -- or next -- blogging venture... Relevancy is vital: Practice relevancy by focusing on your target audience. Brainstorm everything that is important to your target audience and become aware of it. Practice relevancy by focusing on your specific niche. The narrower you make your blog topic, the more you are able to develop it as well as you can become an expert on that niche. Practice relevancy by focusing on your objectives. Focus on subjects relevant to your viewers, but ones which still fall within the relevancy of your nice. Practice relevancy by emphasizing the here and now. Relevancy is timeless. Readers don't wish to read the old news -- concentrate on fresh and upgraded methods. Practice relevancy by focusing on problem-solving. Nice and appropriate content starts with question and answer. When you're dealing with an issue, you offer the reader a strong, important reason to read your blog. Conclusion. Rather than simply writing about everything you wake up feeling just like this day, focus on narrowing it down... Brainstorm, determine your target audience, have a look at the current market, get your name out there, and above all -- stay relevant.
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vigyaa-Witchy Murder Mysteries Worth Reading
Witchy Murder Mysteries Worth Reading


If you’re anything like me you like a little bit of witchery and a good mystery. The problem? There are a lot of bad murder mystery writers out there. At least in the cozy mystery niche that I enjoy. The good thing? There are some blooming brilliant writers out there too! I’ve had the pleasure of discovering a few. In this article I’ve gathered my three favorites. I’m still waiting for someone who will write mysteries without the murders, I mean, do you actually have to kill someone off to write a good mystery? Or could you just be satisfied with thievery and possibly the odd kidnapping? Growing up with Nancy Drew, I consider it quite possible.

So without further ado: three great series that focus on mystery and witchcraft.

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic Series by Helen Harper

This series is set in Oxford, England, and evolves around a very lazy witch who suddenly finds herself caught up in murder, mystery and mayhem. This is somewhat inconvenient as it means she has to get off the couch. At least if she wants to prevent whatever lunatic is at large from striking again. She also happens to get involved with a rather brilliant man, who is her polar opposite in many ways: fit, ambitious and rarely ever hanging out on the couch. Of course, he’s utterly irresistible.

What I love so much about this series is that it’s intelligently written and filled with humor. The humor part is particularly refreshing.

Juliet Blackwell’s Witchcraft Mysteries

This series evolves around a witch, Lily Ivory, who picks up on the vibrations of second-hand clothes. As such, it’s only natural that she sets up a vintage clothing store — Aunt Cora’s Closet.

Growing up in Texas, Lily was bullied for her “witchy ways” and ever since she was run out of town by the scared townsfolk she’s lived as a nomad. Settling in San Francisco she learns what it’s like to find home and stand up for who she truly is: a witch.

The books are filled with an array of characters that are as quirky as the city of San Francisco itself. For all its supernatural themes, the series is refreshingly down to earth. You actually believe these characters could exist and you could run into them on any given day in San Fran.

There are also elements of humor in the books, such as a familiar who’s a shapeshifting pet pig.

Heather Blake’s Magic Potions Mysteries

This series is fun. So much fun. Set in Hitching Post, Alabama, where people go to get hitched, these books' leading lady is Carly Bell Hartwell, who owns a shop selling potions. One day Carly finds a dead man in her shop and a certain sheriff has to come investigate. A certain sheriff who she has a past with.

Of course, Carly can’t leave the investigation entirely to the sheriff. Not when her reputation is on the line. So she decides to do a little bit of digging herself.

This series is a favorite of mine because of the Southern charm and quirky characters who infuse the books with humor. It’s what I call good entertainment.

In Closing

Often when looking for cozy mysteries I’ve found stories that are about as inspiring as you’d expect a poorly written romance novel to be. That’s to say: there are so many unbelievable scenarios (and I’m not talking about the witchcraft and magic) that it’s hard to actually sit back and enjoy what you’re reading. Therefore, whenever I come across a book that doesn’t just have great atmosphere, but also believable characters and an intelligent plot I get excited. The three authors mentioned in this article have all pulled that off, but in very different ways.