The Hot Favorite Beauty Brands of Gen Z

Get a detailed insight on favorite beauty brands of Gen Z to maintain an elaborate skincare routine. Check here!

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Beauty treatments and self-care have seen a boom in the last decade. Millennials and Gen Z likes to work hard and spend their hard-earned money on their hobbies and luxuries of life.

Changing Trends: The Hot Favorite Beauty Brands Of Gen Z

The young woman of today spends more on beauty products and makeup items. In fact, most of the young Gen Z women today maintain an elaborate skincare routine and they like to follow it religiously.

More Competition More Variety:

The growing competition has proved to be beneficial for Gen-Z. Apart from the big and renowned brands, Gen Z has now a variety of new brands that promise to offer them quality products at a reasonable price. Though the famous ones are still at the top of the list of the Gen Z consumers, the growing competition has definitely put an end to the monopoly of the giants.

The new beauty products have successfully managed to cash in on the boom and have created their own niche. Moreover, the curiosity and the eagerness of Gen Z and millennials to explore new things have also played a crucial rule in this change. The new beauty brands target specific groups by providing unique quality products.

In fact, the established brands are finding it hard to sustain themselves amidst this cut-throat competition.

The New Top 10 Favorite Beauty Brands:

Gen Z spends most of its time on social media and new brands have tapped that potential for advertising and promotion. Most of them like to test new and exciting beauty products and brands and often buy the beauty product if they see it on social media platforms. Here’s a list that I’ve compiled: Glossier

Fenty Beauty:  Fenty Beauty, the cosmetics brand was launched by the famous singer Rihana in September 2017. This popular brand is known for its broad collection of beauty products for all skin tones and gender, especially its Pro Filt'R foundation. The original foundation launch included 40 shades has now expanded to 50. The inclusion of Fenty Beauty concealer includes 50 shades that offer a good variety for all skin types. The basic goal behind coming up with so many shades to offer is to stay ahead and different from other makeup companies. 

Kylie Cosmetics: Kylie Jenner co-founded this company with Seed Beauty, a retail and product development company in 2014. The company launched its first product Kylie Lip Kits, liquid lipstick and lip liner on November 30, 2015. Seed Beauty produced the first 15,000 lip kits while

Jenner funded them at a cost of $250,000. The company got its new name Kylie Cosmetics in February 2016 and production accelerated to 500,000 kits. Jenner, who was insecure about her lip size decided to use it her insecurity as her motivation to launch her brand. 

Jeffree Star: Jeffree Star the founder of Jeffree Star Collections wears many hats. He is a famous American makeup artist, entrepreneur, singer-songwriter, DJ, beauty YouTuber, model, and Internet celebrity. He launched this brand in November 2014 and promoted it on his YouTube channel. In 2018, he earned whopping $18 million from his YouTube endeavors. 

The Ordinary: The Ordinary is an evolving collection of treatments that offer well known and effective clinical technologies that help in raising pricing and communication integrity in the field of skincare.

DECIEM is the founder of this beauty and skincare brand. They have a specialized team of materials chemistry and biochemistry experts. The Ordinary beauty products are loved more for their effectiveness and reasonable prices. 

Love Beauty And Planet: Love Beauty and Planet have only one goal to spread the love by making people beautiful with their beauty and skincare products. They use a holistic approach that encompasses the entire life cycle of a product. They give careful thought to their ingredients, product packaging, and even social partnerships. 

Taste: Taste Beauty was founded in 2015 by three excellent executives who came together with excellent experience in the beauty industry.

The taste was founded to produce innovative and unique products of the highest quality. Their unprecedented customer service is remarkable and so is their rapid speed to market.

The trio is deeply passionate about their brand. TodayTaste Beauty’s products are sold online and in over 50,000 retail doors worldwide.

Morphe: Morphe is a path-breaking, ver innovative beauty retailer that offers high class make up at very affordable prices. Founded in 2008 among the artists and influencers of Los Angeles, Morphe is the real example of creativity. Its high-performing make up brushes, enriched pigmented shades, and almost perfect formulas are loved by millions. 

Drunk Elephant: Drunk Elephant has emerged more as a lifestyle brand and the collection is growing day by day.

Glossier tops the list of the favorite brand of Gen Z and by a narrow margin whereas Fenty and Kylie Cosmetics are at a number two and three respectively.

Gone are the days of loyal customers. Instead of blindly following the brands, a generation now likes to invest in value for money products. The above list of favorite beauty products of Gen-Z proves the same perfectly.  

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