Carmakers Want to Make Their Electric Vehicles Sound "Cool"

Isn't that's what it's all about? Revving the engine, baby!

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Traditionally, we equate our excitement for automotive based on the senses: sight, hearing, touch, and yes even smell (hopefully not taste). From the very beginning it was always about what we end up hearing from that engine as we turn the key, letting us know that the ride is ready to go. But thanks to the advent of electric car technology, that isn't totally possible these days.

However, It Turns Out Carmakers Are Dreaming Up Some Pretty Wicked Ideas: Like Programming for Futuristic Audible Cues


You, after all, need to know your car's started, right? Makes sense. This is the real deal in the post-petrol era where electric cars have zero emissions with no need to even hear an engine start due to fuel injection. Combustion engines aren't necessary anymore for these sleeper hits that purr when you drive 'em.

But then we're missing the joy of starting the car. Right? You won't believe what the 89th Geneva International Show had coming as Audi introduced the "Q4 e-tron concept," a vehicle that has an actual unique identity every time you start it.

BMW and Volkswagen also jumped on that bandwagon, featuring their own concepts with some bass to back up the soft engine, thinking that it has to be something more "futuristic."

Don't laugh. These are real discussions going on with higher-ups in the automotive industry. And from a certain perspective, it does make a lot of sense -- these cars do have their own identities. And us, as humans, identify with them personally. We have done so for decades. Our cars are like our children -- and some may even consider their cars spouses!

All things being equal, when you identify your personality with the car you drive, it makes sense that carmakers from a marketing standpoint want to keep that connection going, but even more is a functionality focus: for instance, Merfcedes-Benz has developed an artificial noise to warn pedestrians when approaching.

Still other carmakers want to go all the way with creativity and harness the power of rock band Linkin Park, adopting a sound that seems more cutting edge and raw like with Mercedes-AMG's offering. That, of course, ultimately tells you what really matters here:



The Fact Is There Is No Such 'Sound' to Electric Vehicles

None. This is something that actually has to be invented rather than adopted as a part of growing culture. The sounds of the combustion engine were unavoidable, but it became a part of our own upbringing, society, desires. Now we don't have that with EV. Yet! We will perhaps soon see that from carmakers now.

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