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Counselling is a process which cannot be ignored in today's life. In this fast-moving world, everything is very fast. Students want a fast solution of their any query. And there is a lot of distraction around them. They are very unfocused in life. Because their all focus is towards the unproductive activity like social media, gaming etc.

So, in this fast moving and unfocused life, they need a person who can give them the right suggestion which will totally depend on their interest, strength and weakness. That person is called a career counselor.

What Career Counselor Do?

We Career consultant in Chandigarh is not about money making in different ways. It is all about making their process of thinking positive, productive and practical. Because the main problem with a student is that they can think only according to their age and experience. So, a career counselor tries to know their state of mind and mental condition. Then he gives better advice to them.

How Students can take right decision?

According to me student must talk with them. The student should give time to themselves. Because in this fast moving and unfocused life, there needs a stop and focus on personal traits. Students should introspect themselves. Where they can access their strength and weakness.

What can be strength and weakness?

What are strength and weakness? It totally depends on one’s nature. Sometimes the strength of a person can be a weakness of another person. I want to give you an example. Let’s say someone is aggressive. So, this trait of his behavior will be his strength and weakness, totally depend on his nature. If he is a soldier in the Army, so this trait can be strength in war. But can be a weakness for a person who is leading a group of people. Because when you lead a person of different behavior, you have to be calm and patient.

So, mapping strength and weakness of a person with his basic nature can define his career and future.

How can one find his Strength and weakness?

Finding strength and weakness is totally depends on one’s introspection of oneself. We in AR1 Services give them the right way of self-introspection of accessing their strength and weakness. And also help them to map this strength and weakness with their career.

Is it a one-day process?

No, absolutely not. Introspection of the student is not a one-day process. It can take from one month to one year. It should be very structured. Because, if someone chooses career and subjects according to his interest then he can get success smoothly without any hard work.

Because when someone pursues his career according to his strength and weakness, he has not to work very hard.

What is the next step after counselling?

The next step after proper self-introspection is choosing the right institution for that field, Process to take admission and right way to approach for that.


The conclusion for the above mentioned content is that we should take help of an experienced career counselor for counselling. It can help us to understand the future demands, our capability and career path.

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