Can Video Games be used as Educational Tools?

Imagine an aircraft simulator, where the pilots are given the actual training in order to teach the pilots how to fly the airplanes.

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There are some common arguments which are constant when it comes to adding video game as an educational tool in our education system. Many questions arises like- Can video games be used an educational tool? Is it possible? Will that be fruitful? Will it actually enhance the skills which are till date provided by the traditional way? Will that replacement be worth?

Imagine an aircraft simulator, where the pilots are given the actual training in order to teach the pilots how to fly the airplanes. These simulators are meant to train the pilots for actual flight conditions at the same time preventing any damage or loss of life while actually flying the aircraft. Same way video games as an educational tools suggests that students can use them to build and develop knowledge, strategies, practice the problem solving and can improve on their lacking skills.

It is been also found that:

 Video Games contributes students in identifying and correcting their deficiencies.

 Some cases where students face difficulty in concentrating, video games can be highly useful in such cases.

 It also promotes the awareness in discourse section.

 One important feature in Video games are their prompt feedbacks, which arouse the curiosity in students and make them work hard towards greater chances of learning.

 Most importantly it also teaches co-operation.

Video game as an educational tool promote and support academic achievements. It might turn up that if any student is not good at any particular subject, but if the same subject is been taught by giving an additional touch of video games can improve the student’s interest in it. Because studies has found that video games are a motivation to the students who do not find the education settings much interesting.

Eventually the class engagement and participation increases in students with increase in interaction and keenness in the studies. It also helps up in building different abilities in the students by introducing the video games in the education system.

Top skills adapted by adding video games as an educational tool –

Metacognitive Skills:

Metacognitive skills development is all about planning things, how to approach and learn about the task, making use of appropriate skills and strategies to trouble shoot the problems. It also includes monitoring ones or self- comprehension.

So while playing video games, we tend to learn all these skills automatically right from starting our self- assessment, we evaluate ourselves by our progress towards completion of the task. We get matured with the maturity of the levels or stages in the games.

And since educational games are explicitly designed to gain the purpose of education, it indirectly create all the values and educational environment while playing.

Better Problem Shooting:

Video games are all about starting from a start line and coming up with different tasks, obstacles, resolving the conflicts. Hence playing video games can surely make a kid a problem solver and a smart kid to tackle every obstacle coming in way.

Critical Thinking Capability:

It’s a very important fact for video games to put very logical steps while playing and if not done rightly it turns up into failure. So this automatically enhances the ability of analysing while taking steps towards perfection. And with the maturity of game the player can make it work perfectly. Which is nothing but the effect of his developed Critical Thinking Capability.

Magnified Team Work and contribution:

Kids needs to work as a team while playing multiplayer games, even though they play game online with other companions, they need to work as a team and take decisions as a team member to work out successfully and win.

Health Plus’s:

Even simple puzzle video games can ward off the unwanted stress which he gets form the subject they hate in schools. Why to learn it in a hard way, if it’s simplified for u!


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