Can People With AntiSocial Disorder Love?

Spreading love doesn't sit well with the person suffering from an anti-social disorder. Read here for more information!

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Antisocial Personality Disorder is the people with mental disorder and typically do things as- display superficial charm and interest in social situation, disregard the welfare of others, behave like an irresponsible, display a clear lack of regret or guilt, manipulate and cheat to other, act impulsively and always maintain an inflated sense of self-importance.

So what is Anti-Social Personality Disorder?

Anti-Social Personality Disorder mainly captures many of the abnormal and deviant behavior associated with Psychopathy.

In general Psychopathy, it is something like when a person is really horrific and deceitful, a serial killer kind of person we simply say “That person is a psychopath” But when it comes to the standpoint of being clinical and professional to the term, we can call it as an Anti-Social Personality Disorder.

It is just like any other Personality Disorder which cannot be diagnosed unless someone is 18. Because personality disorders are something that is pervasive. It somewhere invades all parts of one’s life. Anti-Social Personality Disorder is a pervasive pattern of ignorance for and violation of the rights of others. It actually begins in childhood itself and continues on into adulthood too.

Can Sociopaths Love Another Person?

When it comes to relationships and Love in it, they do not place a lot of value on it. They see relationships with others as a way for them to gain more, where they will put someone else in danger as a way to save themselves. Or in simple language we can say, they walk over people to get on the top. They do not place any worth on anyone else except for themselves.

Can People With AntiSocial Disorder Love?

They surely cannot foretell for romantic relationships. These individuals violate the relationship expectations and norms. Which most often results in negative consequences for the person in a relationship. Those who suffer from Anti-Social Personality Disorder are often found to be of self-serving behavior.

This behavior mainly includes manipulation, lying, physical and verbal assaults, deception, impulsivity and all those activities which often engage illegal or bordering towards illegality.

They do not tend to care about thinking outside the scope that what they want and need and the partner’s feelings are always secondary or probably not even an issue for them.

These people always make their decisions based on their desires and own needs without knowing what their actions will result in others.

True Love is not possible for people with Anti-Social Personality Disorder since True love defines a non-egocentric and healthy relationship with sharing, loving, giving and caring relation between two people. It requires a whole foundation of Deep love, Trust and Respect which people with Anti-Social Personality Disorder do not carry the capacity to understand.

If we consider in general that successful relationships are about intimacy and compromise, then a person with Anti-Social Personality Disorder would not make a great partner!

They Can be in Love “BUT”

It’s not so that people with Anti-Social Personality Disorder can’t seem to be in love ever. Since they are good at faking Love and feelings!

At the beginning of relation, they will seem to be very loving and affectionate towards their partner. They can even be flattering and charming and seem to love a person but only towards the ones who can meet their end goal but again the love will eventually get vanished one’s the need of the person will get met.

A relationship with a person with Anti-Social Personality Disorder wouldn’t be a cakewalk as it will seem at first. Gradually the person with Anti-Social Personality Disorder will become controlling, abusive and manipulating. They simply enjoy making their partner feel bad, demeaning and always ruining and lowering their self-esteem.

And the worse thing is, they don’t even feel bad about it!

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