Can Aging Lines Fade Away Post A Facelift Procedure?

The goal of a facelift procedure is to smoothen out and improve the face contour, which starts with the removal of loose skin.

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As we grow older, the most prominent and visible features on our face are those aging lines. Most women and men dread looking into the mirror, only to see those aging lines and end up seeking the help of board-certified Atlanta facelift experts. Sagging is a natural phenomenon that occurs as we age, and it’s true that seeing such effect in the mirror will only lead to irritation and lowers one’s self-esteem. Several factors cause-aging lines, while aging is the natural one, sometimes, other factors like stress, solar radiation, and others only help to speed up the entire process.

At such times, you can turn to some anti-aging creams, but a better solution for most people battling with their appearance is to opt for a facelift procedure, which should give rapid results. Nowadays, most patients who seek a facelift have concerns regarding the effects of the procedure even before they sit down for the consultation. Although the procedure may be somewhat painful, most people know that the surgery has the power to enhance their look. In many cases, it has the power take away 10 years of age, making one look younger and fresher.

However, at all times, it is essential that you remain involved and try to understand exactly how the procedure works. As you opt for the facelift procedure, this is something that should help to resolve the problems that tag along with aging.

Takes Away Sagging Skin

The goal of a facelift procedure is to smoothen out and improve the face contour, which starts with the removal of loose skin. Once the aging process advances, the skin would loosen and this slows down elastin production. A time comes when the skin will lose its flexible quality. As years pass by, the skin will lose its quality of bouncing back. A time will come when the aging wrinkles and lines only become deeper creases. Sagging at such times, along with drooping skin becomes a normal thing, especially all over the face.

For most patients, the top concern they have when their skin loses its firmness is the occurrence of other health issues, like the formation of jowls, double chin, and turkey neck. However, experienced plastic surgeons like those at Crispin Plastic Surgery can address such issues of excess skin removal and smoothen out the lower face before the procedure.

Rest assured that your board certified surgeon would also lift and tighten the underlying facial tissue before placing any overlying skin to make it firm. This in return helps to create a natural and pulled look, restoring your youthful appearance once again.

Smoothening of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

As mentioned above, wrinkles have their way of standing out as major signs of aging, especially around the area on the face that are most prominent. At such times, a facelift procedure has the power to diminish or eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles significantly. If you have concerns regarding wrinkles on your cheeks or even mid-face, a facelift procedure is a right option for you.

Rest assured that a facelift in Atlanta procedure has the power to bring several health benefits, and that’s why it remains a top choice amongst several patients. You should just make sure that you consult board certified plastic surgeons, ask them any questions that you have in mind, and you can conduct a thorough research on your own as well. You should also go through the portfolio of the surgeons to see the number of surgeries and cases they have worked on in recent days.

Once your surgery ends, you should be sure that you consult your surgeon for any post-surgical care. Go for follow up check ups and you can ask them anything you have in mind and go through some before and after photos to have an idea of what you should expect. 

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