Burleigh Pools: 10 Reasons to Build a Pool at Home

Burleigh Pools

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Burleigh Pools: 10 Reasons to Build a Pool at Home

We have all envied the shimmering blue pools of water shown in movies at some point or the other. But, a swimming pool on your terrace or backyard can offer you a lot more than just aesthetic appeal. We have unveiled just some of the reasons that make having a swimming pool more than just another luxury.

  1. You will stay more energized

A morning lap at the pool is a great way to start your day with a burst of energy. Swimming enhances the levels of endorphins in our body. They are a group of hormones, which give us a burst of energy during any physical activity, swimming alike.

                       2. You will stay happier

                  Endorphins not only work on the energy levels but also happen to be a mood booster. Whenever you feel a little low, even half an hour of pool activity can be of great help. It will give you the post-workout endorphin rush, which will completely transform your mood.

                      3. Cost-effective

                  Gym memberships do not come cheap, and swimming clubs are no different. Building your own pool at home is more of a one-time investment with say yearly maintenance, which is going to be much less strenuous on your bank balance than maintaining a quality gym membership.

                     4. Hygienic

                  Public pools are a bank of potential disease-causing microbes, and even with strict regulations, it is kind of hard to stop people from peeing into the pool water. Gross, right? When you have a pool of your own, you can monitor its cleanliness and hygiene yourself. Besides, not a hundred bodies take a dip into it every day.

                     5. Gives you full-body workout

                  By incorporating the different strokes of swimming like breaststroke, freestyle, sidestroke, butterfly, and many more, one can work different muscle groups of their body. Piercing through the water in the pool function as resistance training. Meanwhile, the buoyancy of the water gives your body some good cushioning from injuries. Swimming is not only a workout for your body but also your cardiovascular system making your heart and lungs work at their optimum best during the workout session.

                     6. Might give you better sleep

                  Swimming rigorously for even 30 minutes can make your body spend a lot of energy. So, when you hit the sack, you not only sleep faster but also get a better quality of deep sleep. This is when your body goes into a repair state and builds up energy for the next day. The beauty of exercise is that it can give you energy throughout the day and tire you enough for a sound snooze at night time.

                     7. Your entire family can enjoy it

                  Swimming is for everyone, from children to the elderly. It is also not only safe for pregnant women and their babies to swim regularly, but studies have also shown that it has worked wonders to lower preterm labour and congenital defects. Swimming, unlike conventional exercises, is very fun and exciting, which makes it a fun play with the hidden benefits of exercise for children. As for the elderly, swimming is a safe exercise for those with painful or weak muscles, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. The water supports their body well enough to make the workout safe and beneficial for older people.

                    8. Gives you a great spot to chill

                  It can be quite boring and frankly unhealthy to sit on the couch and watch a movie every time you want to host your friends or spend quality time with family. Having a well-designed Burleigh Pools Gold Coast can make your swimming pool area a great place to hang out with your friends and family. Throw pool parties or barbeque nights or chill by yourself with a beer after a hard day soaking in the view of the calm waters.

                  So, if you want to start planning about your own swimming pool or know more about Burleigh Pools, then all the good stuff is just a few taps on the keyboard away from you.

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