This article will be providing the reader with all information necessary in order to travel for Umrah during the month of April, also known as the month for Easter celebration. With that, the reader will also be made aware of different price ranges of Umrah packages that they can purchase.

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The Umrah industry was globalized with Muslim migrants traveling and settling down in various countries around the world. Even though the United Kingdom has a majority of the Christian population, the demand for Umrah traveling agencies has only grown over the years. That is because Muslims need means to make sure they are abiding by their religious duties. While this new industry is not safe from con artists, scammers, and more, it also provides clients with big names that can help them take care of their needs with a guarantee of being authentic.


While the month of April is when Easter celebrations are at a peak in the United Kingdom, various Muslim families and individuals also plan on taking care of their holy requirements when given Easter holidays from work. While there are only a handful of companies out there who have special Umrah offers at this time of the year, Mina Tours provides the best Umrah packages with a trustworthy attitude.

Mina Tours established itself back in 2016 and since then it has helped countless pilgrims with their traveling experience to Makkah and Madinah. To ensure that customers have a comfortable trip, this company has taken it upon itself to make deals with various high-end hotels, airlines, and travel companies. With such efficiency, Mina Tours is able to offer Umrah packages to customers that are worth the price they pay.

Mina Tours also has an army of travel consultants who help the customer plan, organize and even book their trip. The assistance does not stop there. The travel agency also remains with clients during their pilgrimage. That way, Mina Tours offers various solutions and troubleshoot any type of problem their client might be facing. If a client has experienced a health hazard, the problem with their itinerary, transport and so on, this company has a team of both male and female guides, staff, and medics available.

Mina Tours now offers their special Easter Umrah packages which can be availed by clients during the month of April. The customers can choose any package they like ranging from 3-star to 5-star quality deals. The packages are also categorized on the basis of duration of the pilgrimage trip. From 7-nights to 14-nights, the rates of the packages also vary. The lowest price a customer has to pay for these Umrah packages is 300 and the highest mark is of 600+.

Unlike numerous Umrah travel agencies, Mina Tours stays true to the rates that it discloses to its customers. There are no hidden charges that will be attained from the clients. With that guarantee and the travel packages include the cost of the hotel that the customers will be staying at, the airline ticket that the client needs to travel to the destination and come back from it as well. With that, the package further includes the cost of the Umrah visa that is needed by the customer as well. All the clients have to do is purchase the Umrah package and place their trust in the capability of Mina Tours.

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