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Online proctoring services are a support facility offered for those willing to use online examinations as a means of advancing their career progression.

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The multi-faceted nature of online examinations has a significant impact on the growth of a professional, and the scope of that impact is typically defined by what the candidate seeks to obtain from their growth and development. Online proctoring services are a support facility offered for those willing to use online examinations as a means of advancing their career progression. Their need has been raised due to the growing popularity of online education and the need for it to become more internationally standardized and accepted as statements of accomplishment.

While incurring a fee, these services are highly sought after for their utility in the certification process. While the discussions surrounding the integrity and capabilities of these test takers continues on, the quest to make them widely accepted has begun in earnest and proctoring services lead the charge in this regard. They seek to bring up candidates and make them more credible in the eyes of their potential and current employers by adding a layer of authenticity to their achievements. As such, the ability of professionals to make the most of their professional credibility is considerably enhanced through the entire process. Here are some of the benefits test takers get from online proctoring services-

• Candidates are able to choose the time when they feel comfortable taking the exam, as online examinations often have an ‘exam window’ which lasts a few days, allowing them to sit for the exam at their convenience. Thus, the preparation period is significantly higher allowing the candidate to fill in any gaps they might have, or sort out any difficulties and emergencies they might be facing. It provides breathing room that is unavailable within traditional examination structures.

• Candidates can additionally choose where they wish to give the exam, as online proctoring allows multiple options to become available. Thus, all candidates are able to give their examination from work, home or any other remote location. Proctors may use multiple methods of proctoring depending on the candidate’s needs. Live proctoring, recorded proctoring, facial recognition, eye tracking, etc. are some techniques and tools used by these organizations to ensure the quality of their service.

• Furthermore, many online proctoring services offer testing centers where the candidate is able to complete their exam in a monitored environment, with the necessary invigilation tools and services readily available. This becomes a convenient place where the candidate is able to complete their examination without the uncertainty of being disqualified due to unfair means, accidents, ill timing, etc.

• Privacy and security is another big factor for the rise of online proctoring, making it a self-development initiative that is independent of external influence, giving the candidate plenty of room to feel comfortable, and stay ready for the challenges of the examination. Proctoring services additionally act as safeguard again use of unfair means, allowing the candidate to reinforce their academic integrity.

• Candidates must operate upon computers to complete these examinations, rather than source stationery or expect to be provided the same. Additionally, test takers have the luxury of operating on devices and applications they should be familiar with in their everyday lives.

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